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Some questions



Hi, i player AOS whit some friend, but we have some questions..... 

1- on phase charge, with a unit the roll says are double 1, and that unit have +2 charge and is to 3 inch of enemy unit .... that unit fail charge or not?

2- thinking the same logic, if the roll dice are double 1 on hit rolls, wound rolls and save rolls, always are fail??

3- if i have a unit with the melee weapon with 2 inch and i have two enemy unit, the unit A is to 1 inch and the unit B is to 2 inch. i can attack with the melee weapon of the 2 inch to unit B? or obligatory y i make attack to the unit A?


Thank for all.

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1) It will be a succesfull charge, double "1"s are not "always fail"

2) But for to hit, to wound and save rolls "1"s are "always fail".  Also for to hit and to wound rolls a "6" is "always success"

3) You allocate each model's attacks however you want, you are only obligated to roll for those attacks if enemy models are within weapon's reach.

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