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Cities conversions and ideas


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Hi all, I'm mainly just fishing for ideas of simple conversions that people have done to give their city a unique flavour. The interwebs was surprisingly scarce of this kind of stuff apart from what Chris Peach and a couple of others have done.

So what conversions have people done or any good ideas? Are people just doing head swaps / weapon swaps mainly? To me buying 2-3 kits to convert 1 unit is just too costly so I'm curious to see what people have done, I was thinking about buying the units I want in my army anyway and swapping bits within those kits.

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I have made Generals on Horse into Demigryphs, with the aid of the two headed griffin head from the General on Griffin,

I have a Gryph-Charger of the Lord Arcanum that is to be changed into a Demigryph.

Wings of the War Banner became wings for a Gryph hound

My Pistoleers and Outriders started as Glade Riders and Bretonnian Knights (or at least half of them).

A few of my Crossbowmen started their lives as Bretonnian Archers.

I just had an idea to use the carriage of an Empire Cannon and a few horsies, for my own Scourge standin in the form of a War Wagon, but it hasn't been realised yet.

I want to use the wings of a High Elf Griffin and Karl Franz to become a more palatable Knight Azyros.



Double Misfire has a great blogpost as well for conversion ideas.

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I am going with a fully Nippon-Cathay (Catpon in short :3 ) themed army. Using miniatures from Titanforge, Kingdom Death, Malifaux and some others.

Had I already not done this, I would most likely go full Byzantine/Ancient Greece/Roman legion themed army. Many nice miniatures out there for this, and even more different bits like heads, shields, weapons etc etc.

The biggest Issue for me was getting good replacement for Gyrocopters, since they are fun and also pretty strong I wanted a few of those. Didnt figure anything out until I took a look at the new Malifaux Ten Thunders Fire breathing Dragons. Put on a flying stand they will do just great. 

For steam tank I wanna use a huge turtle statue, usually sold as a good luck charm. With some bitz and the right paintjob there is my mighty Terracota Turtle construct steam tank :D (slow, and heavily armored ? check!)

I also saw some very good looking Vikings with bunch of mythological monsters as a Kickstarter and such (normal looking vikings fit fairly well, unlike the Chaos Marauders and their kin). Would do well if your City people choose to view Sigmar as Odin the All-father ^^

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I'm doing my free city (played as TE) as a Cult of Sotek, the idea being when the city needed help the most, it was the Seraphon and not Sigmar who appear. So, they're a bunch of dinosaur worshipers. Most of these were made using spare parts from other kits. Completed conversions so far:

-Freeguild Guard are using Saurus Warrior shields, and the unit commander has a Saurus sword.

-Handgunners have a banner from the Saurus Knights

-Pistoliers riding Terradons with Ripper legs/tail (so they aren't carrying the big ball. Those were a bit of a pain, posing them so they still fit properly as a unit. However, with those flight stands they ended up pretty close to the same vertical height as if on horseback)

-Steam Tank made by sticking a Volley Gun and a pair of Helstorm Rocket racks (The kit is three sets of rockets) on the howdah of a Stegadon.

In progress:

-Dark Riders on Cold Ones (that one is a real pain. Using the Cold Ones from the Scourgerunner kit, but the legs of the Dark Riders are molded onto their horses...)

-Freeguild General on a "Griffon".  It's a Carnosaur. He also has a Saurus Oldblood/Scarvet shield for good measure.

Future plans/ideas:

Hurricanum made by sticking the Penumbral Engine on a Bastilidon?

Gyrobombers from 'proper' Terradons?

More Steam Tanks?

Outriders using the Seraphon Cold Ones?

Something based on a Salamander/Razordon?

Slaan chair into something? There's gotta be something here to work with.

Even More Steam Tanks?

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I’m doing a chaos-themed City - I’ve swapped the head on my Griffon with a Lord of Change head, and I’m using a lot of chaos models for parts. I’m in the process of converting chaos Chariots to be my Scourgerunner Chariots.




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I like to think there are 2 good approaches to this:

The first approach you base it of a kit and collect spare bitz from your community/ebay/ etc to spice it up abit. Like the cawdor kit works great as a base.


The second approach 'less is more' and keeping the base troops fairly basic while pouring your heart into characters and unit leaders to make em pop and setting the theme.


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I am currently changing Chaos Familiars into Halflings. Giving them new heads, shields, cloaks etc. The Bretonnian Bowmen heads are good bases, though I also snuck a few 3rd party heads in, and even one guard head, shaved down to make the upper lip the new chin and carving a new mouth.

Actually, I am changing all manner of stuff into halflings, it will be a complete Hallowheart list (so I can use the Realm Key as base for a Hurricanum).



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On 1/16/2020 at 6:47 AM, Eorek said:

I like to think there are 2 good approaches to this:

The first approach you base it of a kit and collect spare bitz from your community/ebay/ etc to spice it up abit. Like the cawdor kit works great as a base.


The second approach 'less is more' and keeping the base troops fairly basic while pouring your heart into characters and unit leaders to make em pop and setting the theme.


That's amazing, great job! What kit did you use for the free guild unit?

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14 hours ago, Alessio said:

That's amazing, great job! What kit did you use for the free guild unit?

The Cawdor kit mainly!
as I said; it is a great base to work from. 
Glad you like em, might post a few army shots once I have a done 2000p army. 

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I have basicly some conversion ideas in those two projects:




Basicly, my Shadowguild an entine army based on the Shadow Warrior and Dark Riders design.

On 12/3/2019 at 8:12 AM, EMMachine said:

Shadow Warriors 1, 2 Assasssine and some Dark Riders


Shadow Warriors 2


Executioners 1


Executioner 2


Bar maid, Dancers 1, Assassine 2


Dancers 2


Assassine 3







Dark Riders 1 and 2


Ballista 1


Ballista 2



On 12/4/2019 at 2:36 PM, EMMachine said:

Hm, I realized that I forgot one of the pictures in case of the Assassine/Shadow Guild.

Those guys with the rules and parts of Corsairs have basicly a role of Thugs in the Guild




On 12/21/2019 at 8:22 PM, EMMachine said:

After my ordered Shadow Warriors came yesterday, I was able to make my 20 Bleakswords.



My Alarielle following Tribesmen
 based on Kairic Acolytes with Marauder Horsemen and Wanderers Bits

On 6/20/2019 at 11:01 PM, EMMachine said:

It looks nice, but it was a pain in the a** to build. Anyway here is an update.

I have painted my Chieftain on Griffon (and I think the Griffon looks less weird when painted).



And I have also painted my first 3 Demigryph Knights.



And to underline the Ghyran Tribe theme, I didn't have used any metal paints for them.

On 7/14/2019 at 10:32 PM, EMMachine said:

Well, it took a while, but I painted the next models.


I have 3 more Demigryph Knights, which has now reached my unit 6 models.



Then I painted the shaman on Griffon, which I had last assembled.


And finally 5 Reavers. I'd say these guys prove that you can be manly when riding a stag.


On 8/4/2019 at 5:15 PM, EMMachine said:

Alright, here is the real update


my female Chieftain



her 10 men bodyguard of Greatswords.WXZzxcjAujqhr7IZDOkRyYgIc12zKgUls-H-xuYK

and 10 Archers


My main problem now is that I do not know if 2 of 3 units will have a matching warscroll after the release of Cities if Sigmar (or if a fan-made battletome has to come). I'll have to keep watching that.




Or based of Sisters of the Watch and Sisters of the Thorn

On 7/23/2018 at 10:59 AM, EMMachine said:



Kitbash Waywatcher (I later changed the Head to a SotW Head)


Kitbash Spellweaver





June, 2

Deers of the Wildriders


another 5 Wildriders



Eternal Guard



Kitbash Waystrider




June 4

First 5 Wildriders Painted




June, 10

Nomad Prince for Rangers as well as for Maiden Guard




June, 17

In that time, I made a High Priestess (out of parts of the Sisters of Thorn and Yvraine)


and did some Work in Process for my Heroes



As well as for 10 Sisters of the Watch



June, 23

This was more one of a building week, making 10 Reavers and 10 new Wildriders




June, 26

This was more a little imput for a Fanmade Battletome Order of Flowers version 0.9

The name is actually still for the original name (Order of the Yellow Rose)


July, 15

I made some Maiden Defenders (Bleakswords) to be free in an Order Army, together with the Reavers


A Handmaiden on Steed (Dragon Noble)


And some Chariots that I couldn't glued at this state.



July, 22

Now we come to yesterday. I actually started painting the Chariots, that I can glue the Deers on the Base.


And started painting some of the Maiden Defenders



The biggest problem is, that most of the Models aren't even finished.

And today I got some interesting mentioning, that in Spear of Shadows was a Ghyran Warrior that has Armour and Weapons made of wood (haven't read the novel yet).

Actually the idea sounds interesting because in an early plan, the Paladins of the Order should be the units that have access to metal (do to the relation to Mithrilfels in Chamon).

I think it could be interesting to see, if the Scale Armor, the Sisters of the Watch have would look good in a blown wood optic (but I think I need another brown or darker variant to the one I already used for wood, like the Horns, Chariots, Spears and Saddles.




Or based on Lionrangers (sadly the parts are out of production) and there would be enough houseruling even when using 

On 10/28/2018 at 2:48 PM, EMMachine said:

So, a little Update here. Reinforcements have arrived. I got the parts I needed to make my Hunters complete, and build another Emperor Lion.







On 11/4/2018 at 11:18 PM, EMMachine said:

 So, to finish the weekend. Here are the finished Lion Riders




On 11/24/2018 at 12:57 AM, EMMachine said:

Alright, it took some time but here are two painted Lion Chariots.



On 12/16/2018 at 9:14 PM, EMMachine said:

So, a little update here. After I made the lion's head in the background, which is in the Lion Chariots, a status symbol that the member has passed the Tamer exam, now my Lion Riders have also received the lion's head for their fur cape. In addition, I had increased the unit from 3 to 5, so I have now built a second unit to accommodate the previous 6th model.





In addition, I have now painted my first Hunter Chariot




This week, a few more units have been added. First, more War Lions, a second Hunter Chariot (this time with a Huntmaster) and some Hunter Riders.




On 12/29/2018 at 10:24 PM, EMMachine said:

So, it's time to raise the "modelcount" a little for that year.

First, I painted my first Lion Noble "Jandar". He is the "Champion of the Honor Guard"




Then I painted the second unit Lion Riders, which is led by Guardian Minuvae.




Then I painted the first unit of my Hunter Riders here.



And finally, a unit of War Lions brought on 4 models.


On 12/31/2018 at 11:18 PM, EMMachine said:

So, I managed to paint a few miniatures today. First, the first unit of the Lion Hunters and half the unit of the first Lion Warriors








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I've got a Tempest's Eye army (or sometimes Hallowheart) that is my desperate attempt to keep the old Wood Elf / Wanderer aesthetic alive. It's a mix of basic conversions and reasonable proxies. Here's my Hurricanum that I finally got around to finishing today. I built it several years ago lol


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8 hours ago, Ravenborn said:

Absolutely stunning work, Tidings. I love the autumn tones throughout. It’s and incredible display piece.

Where did you find red leaves?

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. :)  If you are talking about the red leaves on the base, I think those are the "orange" leaf scatter from Greenstuffworld. I've made a blend of leaf scatter from Basecrafts (the autumn kit) and Greenstuffworld (plain leaves and orange leaves). I also use some "autumn scatter" from Basecrafts to make some areas a stronger reddish brown.

When I get home tonight I'll double check the lids of the pots to see if I forgot something. 

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