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Cities conversions and ideas


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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow, that is a very expensive Phoenix! Beautifully done  


I have been thinking about making a manticore using the Tauren as a base, but would need to sculpt the paws. This is the new Lumineth kitty, with the Warcry kitty head isn’t it? That’s perfect. 

(I have no idea what the actual names are)


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Been a while since I posted into the CoS forum but I bear some good news for people who have been wanting to do something more unique with their CoS.

My favorite "non cannon Warhammer factions" company Titan Forge is releasing yet another KS after the success of their Amazons.

This time its inspired by the Warhammer Araby, and these models are absolutely amazing.

This also opens up some options for a crossover with LotR Haradrim, which have smaller scale, but you could possibly add the Camels, and the Mumakil from that range and convert them into further units.

So yeah, some amazing new models on the horizon for all of you who would like to give your city a specific look and theme :)


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If you ask... Took a bit of work but here it is: close ups time! (not everything, but, well , examples of most of the stuff in the group shot ; ))

One of the Griffon generals (the other one has sword and shield) here shown on a too small base (he started his career as a Swifthawk High Warden, it has since been remedied ;)) There's also a griffon mage in there, not yet deserving a solo picture.


Gunhauler (there are two, both with the same lightning-summoning apparatus standing in for the cannon)


Pistoliers on properly Ghur-ish horses.


Hurricanum! Or rather, a mage supervising an angry ancestor-stone.


Dreadspears (beginning the theme of 'bits from every elf and possibly eldar faction around put together)


Darkshards (with bows, repeater crossbows are way too high thech for them). There are full 40 of them. And that was before Har Kuron rules came out!


Shadow warriors (there are two units, one standing, one jumping to differentiate them:


Knight Azyros, for that re-rolls.


Sorceress/Battlemage, depending on the need:


Sorceress on black dragon, the newest addition:


Runelord (all duardin models are based on LOTR minis. They fit fine with other races but would look off with huge AoS duardin)


Irondrakes (again with the low tech build. Scaly hide cloaks, and shields account for the heavy armor, magical exploding arrows for the drakegun firepower.)


Longbeards (with ancestral weapons and shields, for shielding and buffing the irondrakes)


And finally, Gyrocopters! (look at all the lightning surrounding them if you want to ask where does their AoE attack originate from ;))


Arright. A bit more pictures (including earlier versions of some units, back when they were Swifthawk Agents, availible here: https://www.instagram.com/dekayvision/  Plus, that's where they show up first!

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Perfect, thanks for sharing all the photos!

 It’s projects like this that keep me motivated; it’s clearly a labour of love, and I enjoy seeing all the creativity. Even without words, this army tells a story. I love the unifying theme of storms and lightning, the unique red and blue heraldry, the conversions that enforce the wild nature of this army... really amazing work. This is the type of project that keeps Warhammer alive and vital after all these years.


I’d pick the dwarves as my favourite units, which is odd since I’m always partial to dark elves. But the LOTR dwarves were an inspired choice, so dynamic compared to the WHFB models.

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Finally, I finished my 2.000 points of my Bretonnia-style army:







And this is the list, how I play it:

Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar
- City: Tempest's Eye
- Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
- Triumphs: Inspired

Battlemage (115) in Warlord
- General
- Command Trait: Master of Magic
- Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
- Mortal Realm: Ghur
- Lore of Eagles: Strike of Eagles
Freeguild General (100) in Warlord
- City Role: General's Adjutant
Freeguild General on Griffon (305) in Warlord
- Shield & Lance
Dreadlord on Black Dragon (290) in Battle Regiment
- Lance of Spite & Shield
- Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact)

30 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (315) in Battle Regiment
- Reinforced x 2
10 x Freeguild Guard (85) in Battle Regiment
- Swords and Shields
10 x Darkshards (115) in Battle Regiment

10 x Drakespawn Knights (250) in Battle Regiment
- Reinforced x 1
3 x Demigryph Knights (350) in Battle Regiment
- Lance and Sword
3 x Demigryph Knights (350) in Warlord
- Lance and Sword

Endless Spells
Soulscream Bridge (70)

Core Battalions
Battle Regiment

Total: 1995 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 3 / 4

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6 hours ago, Lightbox said:

Some of my conversions for my current cities of sigmar project. Ironweld arsenal aelves.





These are amazing.

I love the Sisters of the Gun, are the guns from Freeguild Handgunners?

Also, where'd you the dragons? They look awesome.

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15 minutes ago, EntMan said:

These are amazing.

I love the Sisters of the Gun, are the guns from Freeguild Handgunners?

Also, where'd you the dragons? They look awesome.

Yes guns are various spare freeguild ones I had (not easy conversions!)

Dragons I think are wizkids? Or nolzurs marvelous... some kind of dnd model!! Black and Red dragons. Using them for gyrocoptors in AoS, they're a little big for the bases but otherwise seem like they're okay size wise.

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47 minutes ago, Lightbox said:

Black and Red dragons. Using them for gyrocoptors in AoS, they're a little big for the bases but otherwise seem like they're okay size wise.

Dragons as gyrocopters is such a cool idea. Dragon breath is a great alternative to steam and brimstone guns

"This weapon sprays the foe with scalding vapour."  - perfect match!

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