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Crazy Rat Engineering Kitbashes


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Much greetings!

Here are some not-yet-painted kitbashes of some Skaven Skryre minis I have been working on. 

1) A Warlock Bombardier - made from an Isle of Blood Warlock Engineer, a 40K Imperial Guard Mortar and parts from Stormfiends and Clanrats

2) Ratling Guns - made from Isle of Blood Poison Wind Launchers and guns from a 40K flyer - plus second crew member from old-style clanrats

3) Warplock Jezzails - made from old and new clanrats and guns and arms from 40K Mechanicus Skitarii Rangers, along with some bits from 40K IG

4) Skryre Acolytes - made from new clanrats, a couple of Poison Wind Launcher Crew Members, various 40k bits for backpacks and gas mask bits, green stuff and hobby beads.  Edited to add: The Skryre Acolyte throwing arms are from Flesh Eater Courts Ghouls.


All waiting on dryer weather for priming.  Looking forward to painting these!  They will be fun-fun!

Warlock bombardier.jpg

Ratling guns.jpg

Warplock jezzails.jpg

skryre acolytes.jpg

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