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Warcry campaign, out of the book or house rules?


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I want to set up a Warcry campaign. It will be people who have shown interest in the game, but not people who have played a lot.

The campaigns in the book seem fun, but pretty basic, you can pretty much play it on your own as long you have a opponent who is willing, which is great. But if you have a group doing campaign together is....  Do people just stick to people running their campaigns from the books or build on some home rules?  

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     We play mostly one off games, but what campaign play we have done has all been just from the books. I’m hoping that the new book coming out will add some more campaigns for all the factions using both faction specific (especially for the non chaos factions) as well as faction neutral options. 
     Now with all that said there have been some excellent suggestions for house ruled campaigns mentioned here; especially in regards to when a warband gets hung up on a convergence. 

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I had the idea to do a pick-up game style campaign, and though it hasn’t gotten rolling too far I am still proud of it.  Since everyone already has a separate quest to go on, people can just play pick up games and track what they got on the sheet or change log.


some tweaks I added to try and keep it as fair as possible.

-you only have to win a game to get past the convergence roadblock, but you get 1 glory and a free relic search if you play and win the convergence mission. This makes it so if someone has some bad luck they don’t have to play the same mission again and again, but are rewarded if they do win the mission even more.

-you are limited to only 150pts more points than your opponent, but for every 50 points you are above your opponent  your opponent gets one glory point. This way, you can still play a bigger warband against someone just starting out, and they won’t be shafted in terms of glory points.



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We had half a dozen people running campaigns together. Not sure what house rules were needed other than "You can take any quest of any faction" for those AoS warbands that have only one quest. Change the name from Nagash to Sigmar and charge into a new quest. 

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