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Maggotkin Army

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Full Nurgle Maggotkin army for sale-


Great Unclean One - Fully Magnetised and Painted- painted 1 head, Bell and Biled blade options. Comes with all other configurations though!
Lord of Plagues - Fully Painted
Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Slight conversion, unpainted
Daemon Prince- Painted
Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle - primed
Festus the Leechlord - primed
Gutrot Spume - Base layer painted
Harbinger of Decay - primed
Horticulous Slimux - unpainted, assembled
Lord of Blights - primed
Poxbringer - Basic test paint job
Poxbringer - Basic test paint job
Spoilpox Scrivener - Primed
Sorcerer - Painted- top of staff snapped off though!
The Glottkin - Painted- both characters mostly finished painted, still separate, one magnetised. Tongue thing still to be glued to the big arm.

30x Plaguebearers- Painted- some tops of swords snapped off, standard bearer standard snapped off
30x Plaguebearers- as above
10x Putrid Blightkings- Some small bits snapped off

6x Nurglings- primed, some on sprues
6x Plague Drones - 3 painted- standard bearer standard partly snapped off, 3 unpainted, riders separate

3x Nurgle Trees

Nurgle Warscroll Cards/tokens

Nurgle Battletome

Battlefoam Large trays for plaguebearers, blightkings and smaller heroes.

Total points - 4,320pts

Total cost new - £815

If you'd like pictures of anything in particular let me know.

Pickup in London preferred- Bad Moon Cafe would be best! Otherwise might be able to sort out alternate arrangements.

Looking for £450


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