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Hello from Italy!

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Hello everyone!
Many years ago I played WFB with Tomb Kinks and Bretonnia... yeah, you know what I mean.
After a big pause, I've returned to the hobby: I don't care to be ultra-competitive in game, but I really enjoy collecting, converting and painting stuff.

At the moment I play Nighthaunt, but I'm slowly preparing an army for Cities of Sigmar (Greywater Fastness); I love the concept of a bunch of fragile humans in a world of high fantasy monsters and inexplicable magic (although sometimes I feel the lore not so solid yet...).

This community seems to me very positive, helpful and polite.


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15 hours ago, Gorks Pokin' Finger said:

Welcome to TGA! 

Thank you!!

4 hours ago, Sokhar said:

Benvenuto connazionale :) !!!

E grazie! ;)

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