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Gloomspite Gits - Mangler Squigs Silliness


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I was going to keep it my shameful secret that I've started taking this card seriously, but since you guys also seem keen:


On 2/19/2020 at 4:02 PM, gnaleinad said:

This is really cool! You added in the rules for the explosive ending?

I haven't no. It'd be a difficult one rules-wise but might see what I can concoct.

On 2/19/2020 at 9:37 PM, Gotz said:

that could be the excuse I need to get the mangler squigs! 

I love the miniature, but just own a Gloomspite warband and I'm not thinking in upgrading to AoS

Yes, do it!! The model was heaps of fun to put together and looks awesome!! Might be a bit of a slog to paint, though - haven't gotten that far yet.


So, I've played a couple of narrative games with these puppies and updated the card accordingly. 16 dice for attacks was just ridiculous and it made sense to give them the ball-and-chains ranged attack. 1.5 warbands took it down 60+ wounds so I reckon 2.5 warbands would be about even.

They play pretty bland in a straight-up fight (melee fighters close in, ranged shoot at it from a distance, Manglers chew through the melee guys, and then hop around cleaning up the ranged). It's mostly just rolling dice and seeing how much damage you can do to it. We only rolled for the Manglers a handful of times, though - for anything less than 20 wounds we just called it an insta-kill (it averages 24 and 35 damage per attack!!). It'd be more fun in a narrative setting or with a some of the more interesting victory conditions, though.

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