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[H] Cities of Sigmar (Freeguild) [W] $$, Idoneth, Ironjawz, Ogors, etc... [US only]

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Have the following. Looking to trade for Idoneth Deepkin, Ironjawz, Ogors, Khorne, Stormcast. Will also sell the lot for 250$ shipped (US only).

Cities of Sigmar Battletome

Ceslestial Hurricanum assembled and primed

Freeguild General on Griffon on sprue in box

5x Frostgrave soldiers, barbarians, etc boxes... good for kitbashing Guards

16x Handgunners on sprue

30x Handgunner assembled and primed

Freeguild General mounted assembled and primed

Battlemage assembled and primed

3x Demigryph Knights assembled and primed

Freeguild General on foot assembled and primed

16x Handgunners assembled

20x assorted Freeguild Guard in a variety of loadouts assembeld and primed













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I am not from the US, so not someone that is an eligable buyer, but could you give me the reasoning behind selling off the poofy pants?  ( I think they are super nice, and you do have a good set, it's a very good way to start Cities for anyone inertested. It even has a proper General.)

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I have too many armies. :)

And, storage space is getting out of hand. I have a lot of board games taking up that space as well.

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