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Waaaagh from Bromley


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Hi all,

My name is Chris and I have just pulled together my first army, having painted GW models for about 10/12years. I did start playing a bit of 8th ed just before The End Times started. But to be honest I struggled to get my friends interested. Finally I managed to wrangle one friend in, but the combination of the complex rules and huge buy in put him off. After we had spent £50 each he gave up and really we got nowhere. 

Then AoS dropped… And because I loved the models, but thought the 8th ed. rules were a bit much, this seemed like the answer for me. 

Another friend agreed to come and do a few test games and absolutely loved it. We were effectively playing with some pulled together Death and Orruk units that I had stored away. Ended up being about 800 matched play, although we were just playing with what ‘felt right’. 

Anyway playing about 6 games since we started (finding the time is hard) I have now pulled together a Vanguard 1000 point list Destruction list. Not all painted (getting there, everything is primed at maybe one or two colours on, how taboo is that?) but ready to start getting into the hobby properly. I have just bought my friend one of the new easy paint boxes – Three Blood Warriors. So I think he will be expanding that army soon too. 

I’ve been told my list is a bit shoddy :/ but to be honest I’ll just be glad to get to my local store and play. I’ll worry about winning later lol : Megaboss 140 , Weridnob 120 , Grot Boss on Spider 100 , Moonclan Shaman 60 , Savage Orruks 100 , Savage Orruks 100 , Brutes 180 , Gore Gruntas 180.

So that's me, looking forward to becoming part of the tga community. 


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