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Purple Sparkly Unicorns : Decent Of The Faithful

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The Event Details.

The Purple Sparkly Unicorns present Decent Of The Faithful, a 2000 point match play event of five games of Age of Sigmar on the 25th and 26th of January 2020

The address of the venue is:

Willaston Masonic Hall The Acacia Suite, Wynbunbury Road,


This will be the a two day, 5 game Age of Sigmar, 32-player tournament at 2000pts.

Entry is £35 per player advanced purchase, this will include food both days. Payment to the PayPal address of:


All mats boards and scenery will be provided!



We will be generating the scenarios using all 18 matched play battleplans.

The battle plan will be randomly selected and announced at the beginning of each round.

Realmscape features/rules will not be used but realm artefacts can still be selected as normal.

Standard General's Handbook 2019 rules will be in use along with all current Games Workshop FAQ's.

HIDDEN AGENDAS: will be used in every game, players must select one before the game starts, players cannot select the same agenda more than once over the weekend. Completing a hidden agenda will be worth 2 tournament points each round (maximum 10)

Scoring will follow a Major win, Minor win, Draw, Minor loss and Major loss system, the tournament will be run on Table Top To.


Any rules disputes will be handled by the tournament organiser.


The minimum required standard for models used at this event is:

• Fully assembled
• Three distinct colours applied
• Coloured and textured base

A number of tournament points will be awarded to each player for achieving the following :

  • Painted: 10pts – Your army has been painted with a minimum of three colours and has had appropriate extra work applied such as but not limited to wash, dry brush, highlighting, basic detailing, etc.
  • Based: 10pts – Bases must be fully textured and painted. Transparent flying bases are excluded.
  • Cohesive Scheme: 10pts – All models look like they all belong to the same army, for example they are painted in a cohesive colour scheme and cohesively based.
  • Army list: 10pts if in on time and legal.

Army list submission

To give us a fair and fighting chance to check all the lists we ask that all lists are submitted to the psunicorns@hotmail.com email address by midnight on the 19th January 2020, and that you all use War scroll builder to complete your list.


Saturday 25th January 2020

  • 9:00am Doors open for registration
    • 9.50am Announcements and first round pairings. • 10.00am Round 1 Begins
    • 12.30pm Round 1 Ends
    • Lunch
    • 1.30pm Round 2 Begins
    • 4.00pm Round 2 Ends
    • 4.15pm Round 3 Begins
    • 6.45pm Round 3 Ends
    • 7:00pm Standings and Round 4 Pairings Posted
  • Optional evening meal *

Sunday - 26th January 2020

  • 9:30am Doors Open
    • 10.00am Round 4 Begins
    • 12.30pm Round 4 Ends
    • Lunch
    • 1.30pm Round 5 Begins
    • 4.00pm Round 5 Ends

    4.15pm Award Ceremony and Final Standings Posted




We pride ourselves on being a fun group of friends who like varying levels of competitiveness, that being said we want everyone to have a good time!

We expect that all players will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner whilst participating in this event. This means knowing and abiding by the rules of the game, ensuring that both players are always aware of the state of play of the game, and ensuring your opponent maintains the same standards.

Stalling, not rolling dice correctly, fairly or visibly, constantly misplaying or misrepresenting rules, and any other form of unsportsmanlike conduct can and will be acted upon by the TO.


Prizes will be awarded for the following :




Best Painted : There will be a players vote for best painted at lunch on day two. You will be asked on the morning of day two to display nominated armies at lunch for voting.

Sparkliest unicorn :This is of course the most important title awarded for the Sparkliest unicorn or best sports, voted for by players, in the event of a tie it will be the highest ranked player from the nominees . Each player will vote after game 5 with their favourite opponent or favourite game.

Wooden Spoon : For the player who refused to win a game.

Dice Master : For the player who wins the most spot prizes throughout the weekend.

Most Bloodthirsty General : The player who scores the most victory points

Cunning strategist : For the player who achieves the most hidden agendas.

1st place , 2nd place and 3rd place will be excluded from winning Dice master, most bloodthirsty general and cunning strategist for a more inclusive tournament.

*Saturday evening

If you are traveling from a distance the are hotels quite close to the venue (a premier inn is 1.1 miles away and a 4 minute drive) there are other hotels as well.

We are planning on going out for a meal on the Saturday night, if you want to come along please email psunicorns@hotmail.com with how many people you want to reserve a space for.

Contact Details

If you want to get in touch with us regarding anything in this pack, questions about the event, queries about the venue, food allergies or intolerances or even simply help with hotels or any other local knowledge then please do get in touch! You can contact us in the following ways:

Email: psunicorns@hotmail.com

Twitter: @PurpleSparklyU1 ,@rockchef25 , @DodgyRoller

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Entrants list 28/32

  1. Andy Bryan 
  2. Craig Chesters 
  3. Alex Tooth 
  4. Tom Bailey 
  5. Mark Pinnington 
  6. Mickey Thomas
  7. Jack Mayland 
  8. Matt Crowther 
  9. Aaron Walters 
  10. Kyle Aspinall
  11. Jason Hodgekinson 
  12. Anthony Boulton
  13. Dave Jennings
  14. Alex Johnson
  15. Lee Downes 
  16. Rhys Bradsaw
  17. Nick Pilgrim 
  18. Josh Niemczyk
  19. Tim Unwin
  20. Michael Wilding 
  21. David Allen 
  22. Anthony Poole
  23. Gaz Ravencroft
  24. Steven Henderson 
  25. Liam Hearn 
  26. Harry Holdsworth
  27. Matt Cooke
  28. Carl Bagnall
  29. Danny Biddle
Edited by DodgyRoller

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