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Path to Glory: With GRUDGES!


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Hi all!

I'm looking to put together a month long Path to Glory event. There was lots of talk and interest, so I figure it would be fun to strike while the iron is hot. The one thing that is always complained about during campaigns is power creep. I've come up with a few ideas, and I'd LOVE some feedback so I can submit this to the club and get it rolled out.

My basic outline:

  • Campaign runs for 4 weeks, and ends in a day long tournament like event where people try to ascend (win the last battle).
  • Games are unlimited, you can (and should!) play as much as you can. The caveat is you cannot get more than 10 rewards. I'm open to more feedback on this.
  • Campaign starts with 1 hero (unmounted) and 2 units
  • After week 1, you can give up a reward to give your hero a mount (limited to existing warscrolls only)
  • After each battle, you can choose or pick a reward


I figure this would be a fun way to call people out. It could be friendly, or maybe you think someone has an overpowered list. Call a Grudge out on them. Power levels are then compared by Rewards, and based on the discrepancy the lower powered player is given a buff. This is an area I need some help with,

  • What should the scale look like? 
  • What should some bonuses be?

Some thoughts were:

  • Letting the lower tier player roll a D6 and do that many wounds to a unit (dwarfs can reroll 1's). 
  • Multiple rolls on the Triumph table
  • Initiative bonus (i'm kinda worried about playing with this)

Now for my last bulleted list :) I want to encourage everyone to play as much as possible, so I thought it would be fun to make a lot of trophies and rewards. Here are some I thought of, but I'd love some more input:


  • Most games played
  • Best Conversion
  • Best Painted
  • Best Theme
  • Players Choice
  • Most Wins
  • Most Losses
  • Most Grudges against
  • Most Grudges erased
  • Best Sport
  • Alliance Leader

Thanks for your feedback!

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Looks really cool, we're just starting to plan a PtG campaign to kick off in late September when everyone is back from their hols. We're currently trying to generate some alternative warband tables for armies that were left out of the GH lists, like bonesplitterz, darkling covens and Steamhead Duardin.

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