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Gigantic Spider base size & my 1000 point list


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What size round base should I use for a Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider? I know base size doesn't matter etc. Etc. The plastic krak converter suggested a weird sized oval. I thought a 60mm round would be best? 

Also this is my first AoS destruction list (only played 5 or so games) . Let me know what you think ☺️

Orruk Megaboss 140

Weird Nob - 120 (or potentially Wurrgog Prophet ?)

Moonclan Shaman - 60

Big Boss on gigantic spider - 100

Savage Orruks - 2x units of 10 - 200

Brutes - 1x unit of 5 - 180

Gore Gruntas - 1x unit of 3 - 180

980 total (1000 if prophet used)

Feels like a balanced fun list to me. 



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Seems rather ecclectic, with very little synergy or theming in the units. I'd expect this list to struggle a lot.

Things to ask yourself, what's your damage dealers? Do they have rend to tackle armour saves? What mortal wounds can you dish out as well? Who'se your unit to soak up damage?

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Thanks for the response Lucio.

Yeah I'm effectively choosing units I like the look of! But I'll explain how I intend to use it, maybe that'll make it less catastrophic. 

Mortal wounds: Shaman spell curse of the badmoon effectively cast on 6 (d3 possibility of multiple)


Weirdnob spell foot of gork cast on a 8 with the savages / brutes nearby. (D6 possibility of multiple)

Damage: This should come from brutes & mega boss . Mega boss buffs the brutes slightly and they all have rend. Gruntas to support if needed

Everything Else: Savages generally soak up wounds or grab objectives.

Big boss on spider : generally make himself a nuisance 

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Picking cool models is certainly a way forward, though I tend to try and ensure that there's a plan in place to make them work, hence the questions :)

So, with that in mind, what can you swap out to play on the synergies a little better. For me the obvious choice would be the Gore Gruntas, why take them when you can take another 5 Brutes, to help make more advantage of the bonus from the Megaboss

Big Boss on a spider? Sounds fun, but all on his own, he's dead in a turn. Could you take two more Goblin Shamans, though that takes you over your Leader count for 1k points, so also then add in 20 Grots in place of the Weirdnob.

Putting that together you get

Megaboss - 140

3 x Grot Shaman - 180
20 x Grots w. bows- 100
10 x Brutes - 360
20 x Savage Orruks - 200

Total cost - 980

The Grot Shamans hang around with the Grots to cause chaos and mayhem at range, whilst your Savage Orruks run in front to soak up damage and your Brutes + Warboss lag behind for a nasty punch. you loose a couple of admitedly cool models, but then those become an idea to build your 2k army, maybe you add a Weirdnob and expand into a Weirdfist formation, or you add a Grot Boss on a Spider alongside some Spider Riders and a large spider thing that I can never remember how to spell!


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Thanks Thanatos , just ordered a pack ??

Thanks for the detailed response Lucio! 

I think you're right with the extra brutes, and may try and combine that with the spiders. Back to the drawing board. 

I will keep on playing with my current list as they're the models I have right now. Hopefully I can avoid too many bashings. 

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One of the best pieces of advice I can give is actually exactly what you are doing! Stick to using the same models / list for game, after game, against different opponents. You will then naturally start picking up on the gaps in your lists, areas that need to be improved on, or what works well.

At the end of the day, nothing beats getting the models on a board and rolling dice. Resist the temptation to change your list every game but make small tweaks as you see fit.

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I am currently deciding what base to put my Boss Grot on gigantic spider on. It looks to me that the base should be roughly the size to contain the limbs, given the weapon ranges where developed buy the model. With that in mind I'm thinking 100mm.


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