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The crucible tournament report


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Also posted this in the crucible event thread but figured more people might see it here.


So attended the crucible in Windermere today - 1 day comp run by northern warriors.
To sum up I would say this was a great day, the crowd was good, the atmosphere very casual but also competitive, the timings seemed about right and overall just generally a good egg.  Nice thing about this one dayer is its used as a tester for the 2 day AGOM events, which are not to be missed!  So some unpainted modes, are fine and its verbally a good chance to test out some stuff before committing totally.
Anyways the list I took was:
Monster assault list
Blood claw star host - 100
Old blood on carnosaur - 320 with potion potion of quickness 
Scar on carnosaur - 260 - general with reckless trait
Vet on cold one - 100
Sun blood - 120
3x10 warriors -300
Celestial hurrican (including wizard) - 320 (with Phoenix stone).
Star seer - 160
2 X 5 chamo skinks - 240
Gryphon hound - 40pts 
Here's a summary of the games:
Game 1 - against death, positions of power mission (the one where characters claim).
Stephen had 2 units of large zombies, Skelton unit, corpse cart, necromancer, banshee, vampire lord on horse, big old blood knights unit and big old black knights unit.
Got my cold one scar vet on middle objective early, had main behemoths facing off against the Knights all on the far corner, rest was all facing the hordes of zombies in the centre.
Lost the star seer rerolls and then forgot this could mean Stephen got a double turn - he duelling did and I was mega lucky to survive with my three character beasts, thankfully I chose to retreat in my turn and none were dead.  Cue sacrificing them to the Knights in order to keep them busy.  Stephen couldn't budge the scar vet off the middle objective and i just threw body's into the combats, aiming arcane bolts etc etc and sniping out characters.  Won the objectives - lost the victory points ( a common theme throughout the day).
Army summary - big beasts are fragile but devastating in damage.  Star seer and both scar vets are invaluable.  The hurricane is only really good for shooting but when it does oh boy it does.  
Chamos - amaze balls - not for their damage output but for their deployment rules - used to delay the two Knights this game - if not then the monsters would be killed early and I put would have been a different game entirely.
Game two summary - take and hold against Luke and his storm cast.  I'm not up on storm cast so roughly it was a huge dude on star drake, celestial prime, archer unit, decimate unit, 2 liberator units, the most annoying lone archer character in the world and his pet eagle, a unit of two crossbow guys on monsters oh and a battle Mage of fire.
I semi batted Luke into taking the first turn by providing some tempting targets with my general on scar vet, thankfully he took it and moved the star drake dude up the board.  The scar vet on carnosaur got shafted by a big bad arrow off the archer dude - 9 wounds!
But it was okay as I could now risk for a double turn and hurricanum the star drake to death (I  did), chamo skinked the Mage to death, destroyed the archer unit, carnosaured the decimators and scar vet on cold one did the business on a unit of liberators.  Luke fought back as best hi could but so many points were dead or in the celestial realm ( the prime never made it on the board).
Using the star seer rerolls I managed to get the initiative in the third turn and realised that killing 3 models would give me the win.  So throwing caution to the wind I went for it.  The carnosaurs wrecked face (as now they could run and charge) and a blood roar later they had done the job and won the game.
Whole army performed well this game, i was more used to the numerous buffs and how they played out and I managed to get that key double turn. Blood roar was really powerful.
Game 3 against Paul with his ogre beast army.  Basically 2 stone horn characters, 1 thunderous, character, 3 units of 3 yetis, unit of 4 dogs and a hunter.
We played escalation.
This was my second game ever against Paul and it was not a let down, very tactically, very interesting and a huge amount of fun.
A key thing happen in this comp and that was me getting initiative on the 2nd turn, it meant I could put some chamos in Paul's deployment zone and basically push his big reinforcements back right Into his half of the board, which delayed them a turn and funnelled them into the middle objective, whilst I sat on the outside ones for the rest of the game.
The game basically then consisted of me bouncing my monsters of his stone horns - Jesus Christ those things hit hard even when not charged! And delaying his on the middle objective for as long as possible.
Chamos were the MVPs of this game again - their deployment ability literally won me the game.  Monsters were fragile - even when I got all the buffs on the old blood he didn't do much to a stone horn (in fairness Paul made some crazy saves and also stole 5 rerolls of me).  It should be noted that Paul's dice rolls were appalling in this game and it made a big difference to how much of the board he could cover.  Scar vets on cold one and foot were great.
I managed to get here major victories and come out on top with first place - pretty happy with that.
The army in General didn't work out that great, or my use of it was poor - I used a lot of it as speed bumps to slow people and ultimately the stats of such things didn't matter it was more about body's In the way (could have been 40 skinks instead of an old blood).
The was fun when everything worked out but I was keenly away it wasn't that much fun for my opponent in these moments - trying to keep track and list of about 5 buffs on one unit was difficult for me and must have left some doubts about if I'd got everything right in my opponents mind (it did in mine at some points).
I think the things to keep in this list would be the chamos, the star seer, the hurricanum, the sun blood and the cold one scar vet.  The big monsters I'm just not sure on, they didn't do what I wanted them to do (although they did scar people but this definetly won't last long).  One thing that is definite thou is the blood roar was great - and maybe one monster combined with some ranged shooting could make for a powerful combo on battle shock tests.
For missions/objectives I can't insist enough how just having some body's on the board and getting the choice of initiate makes such a difference. It meant you could ouch forward and gain a lot of ground - denying your opponent ground in the process.
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first: congrats :D  the list looks good on paper, but is the huricanum rly that good? It only buffs free people right? Are 320 points worth for the shooting-attack?

the chameleon skinks are great, i hate them :D and the rerolls from the star seer can rly change the game...


whats about lord kroak? For more mortal wounds instead of the huricanum? + you get your rerolls all in one unit

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The hurricanum was excellent - you get the shooting mortal wounds and the comet spell mortal wounds as well.


never thought about replacing the star see and hurricanum with Kroak.  Would be obvious pros but j also think some serious cons


no frontline dispeller - the hurricanum on this list can act as a front line dispeller

all eggs one basket - something to be concerned about hugely I think.

no curse of fate - an excellent spell.


but I may just look into it a little more and see as it might work in the list I'm now thinking of going for.





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Yeah when i Download the single sheet from the huricanum, then i have the right rules :) 


i have a question, can you explain why you pick exactly these heroes for the formation and why this warlord etc. i rly like the list and i'm totally in love with the models :D

and which weapons are best for them?

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Well the formation is


ome old blood on foot or carnosaurs - the foot guy in my opinion just sucks - he doesn't do a whole lot of anything - so went for carno (plus the model is amaze balls in my opinion).


then it's three jerks from the following list


scar ver on carno

scar ver on cold one

etwrnity warden


the warden wasn't of

much use in my list so he was out the window.  And it seemed fitting tk take one of each of the others - different buffs etc etc.

in hindsight I might be tempted to go with an old blood on carno and then either multiple sunbloods (their buff works against a single enemy unit) or multiple scar vets on cold one - because they did really well for their points of only 100!



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