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AoS 2 - Ogor Mawtribe Discussion

Ogor Mawtribes Poll  

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  1. 1. What tier do you feel Ogors are pre-battletome?

    • High-tier
    • Mid-tier
    • Low-tier
  2. 2. What kind of army will you be running?

    • Entirely Gutbusters
    • Mostly Gutbusters
    • Mixed forces
    • Mostly Beastclaw Raiders
    • Entirely Beastclaw Raiders

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Ok, so pre-orders up. I know I don't play Ogors, but they intrigue me enough to possibly look into - anyways, I thought a new topic was in order. The Orruk Warclans one was up WAY earlier, and we all need a place to talk about lists and lore and speculation and such. Let the feast of bones begin!

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It's time to rule the world... Aaaaaaaaarghhhh.   

My New Handmade Butcher) 

Speed painted my last hero and now my leaders for the Blood Gullet mawtribe are done

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New page! Copy and past of my thoughts on the traits from gutbusters page.

Still no sign of yeti, so i'm optimistic there. Traits wise... Butcher seems neat, and I do like the flavor on the Tyrant. Should make him really reliable at quashing heroes. Nomadic Raider might be neat if the melee extends to the monsters abilities. Otherwise I feel its pretty underwhelming mechanically and flavorwise. The skal will depend on how the cats have changed, and if the hunter himself is less underwhelming for his points cost. Definitely a plus not having to pay for a battalion to have cats come along with him. Seems like he gets 1 pack as a unit, and an extra one if he's your general. Should be good for attacking unguarded, or lightly guarded points in the opponents backline!

Overall its an optimistic start from me, but nothing that crazy or hype inducing. Look forward to hearing the opinons of people who play more then me, being an armchair hobbyist for now and all lol.


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I`m very hyped but I honestly think it`s underwhelming so far.

Ironguts would be good if the points almost remain the same but we get 4 of this buffed dudes. Compare to Blood Knights or other ~200 point elite units and it still would be fair (abilities are still no good).

Traits seem way to situational. Not to bad but nothing that really shows any power boost. Have to wait what other traits look like, sure.

Reading the Bonedudes spoilers (I think everything sounds really strong) and comparing it to our spoilers I can only hope we get something similar.

They are Battleshock immune army wide. If we get our "reroll 1s to hit when charge" I feel underwhelmed.

Typical negative thinking of someone who would love to see Ogors at least somewhat competitive and rarely has seen GW giving Ogres some love but hey... we finally got a new tome !!!


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2 hours ago, Pitloze said:

I like em. I do wonder why they kept the old sabres when it was pretty much confirmed that the new underworlds set will include plastic sabres?

It's the other way around, underworlds band confirmed that the resin Hunter/sabres are staying because you can't have rules for a generic Hunter that isn't available for sale anywhere.

The upside is that you don't have to buy the finecast Hunter because the underworlds version is a nice counts-as at a lower price point. We don't know yet if the set comes with one sabre or two though, it'll make or break how well it works as a full-on kitty replacement.

As far as the rules so far they seem...OK. Which is slightly worrying contrasted with today's "Look how super-broken* Bone Reapers are!" preview.

*I'm not saying they're necessarily OP, but uh, they unbreakable, have great stats, use unit champions to drop command abilities and give everything a 6+ FNP, forever, really strong abilities, can be healed/revived, all for the crippling disadvantage of average movement speed+access to cav, artillery, and powerful spell-casters. I'm not sure being moderately slow really balances all that out.

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I'm not sure what game people have been playing but these traits look alright to good based on what very little information we have. Not having to waste a spell to dispel an endless spell is quite nice. The heal is nice too but we won't really know how good until we see his warscroll. If he's going to be getting into melee combat or if he has the ability to damage himself to get bonuses to unbind/casting ala Hallowheart then a full heal just for dispelling an endless spell will be quite handy. Note that it does not specify an endless spell cast by an enemy.

The Tyrant/Frostlord traits could be very good on what are very likely going to extremely strong melee heroes. Again, note these are just command traits not artifacts. Getting full rerolls to both hit and wound, while offset by being situational, is extremely good by the command trait standards I'm used to.

We won't know for sure how good this stuff until Saturday but I really really wouldn't start groaning about how weak Mawtribes are right now. Hell, I remember people raging about how weak Skaven were going to be when their warscroll rewrites came out.

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14 minutes ago, Walrustaco said:

It's just warlord traits.

I'm more concerned about allegiance abilities and our warscrolls, battalions and command abilities.

Stay the course

Yup, this. That's the big potatoes! The warlord traits are functional and flavorful. The fun should hopefully be revealed tomorrow!


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3 hours ago, Mutton said:

I don't know why people are already voting on how good the book is when we have a total of 1 warscroll and a handful of command traits available to us.

They’re voting on what tier they are PRE-BATTLETOME.  Currently as a non-battletome faction and a faction lacking a 2.0 tome I can’t see much argument that Ogors all together are currently anything but low tier.

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Also it may be that the trait on the hunter allows you to deepstrike 11-21 models which count as battleline (with him general) and have a relatively low point cost. 

This would be very strong if the range on it was decent (say a wholly within 6 of an edge, 9 away). 

Deepstrike is incredibly strong, especially with any kind of charge bonus (which the army may have). 

Likewise if a tyrant has good weapon profiles the reroll trait will be strong. There are quite a few lists that run powerful heroes with artefacts. 

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6 minutes ago, Black_Nexus said:

I am deeply excited for anything that can buff my beastclaw up, having other ogres in there is just gravy.

I do hope that the Huskard on Thundertusk becomes a real priest

The token picture included what looked like both fire and ice themed prayers/spells

I suspect they'll keep the Butcher as the faction wizard and make both Firebellies and Huskards Priests. In part because that forbidden power story with Ogres referred to the Firebelly as a Priest several times.

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1 hour ago, FPC said:

They’re voting on what tier they are PRE-BATTLETOME.  Currently as a non-battletome faction and a faction lacking a 2.0 tome I can’t see much argument that Ogors all together are currently anything but low tier.

Exactly, I don't see the point. I think anyone that's been playing Gutbusters for the past few years would have to agree.

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Just now, Mutton said:

Exactly, I don't see the point. I think anyone that's been playing Gutbusters for the past few years would have to agree.

I was just pointing this out bc your original comment suggested you thought the poll was on the power level of the new Mawtribes.

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voted for playing mixed as long there is a good combined allegiance. I love the new Orruk book as all three allegiances I feel are very playable so hopefully mawtribes will be the same. Nice to see buffed ironguts as well as I still have loads from the oldhammer cookie cutter list spamming units of 3 ironguts and wiping out front ranks on the charge :). 

Also just echoing some others not sure why the hate for the warlord traits. The frostlord one seems very good and the butcher one certainly seems interesting (especially as with cities of sigmar out tournies will feature even more endless spells). Also the hunter ambush one may well be good (once we know full rules) I was always a fan of Skal and have 20 cats that still need a home.

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I posted this in the rumor thread about the value discrepancy between the Ogors and Bonereapers in the Feast of Bones box, but thought I should also post here for people that are considering starting an Ogor force:

17 hours ago, Intrinsic said:

Assuming flat 20% discount, 25% price increase on the Tyrant because GW, and pricing for Bonereapers equivalent to other death units of the same size, the Death half is worth $152 and the Ogor half $116. For equal savings off the value of the models, the Ogor player is paying $60 and the Bonereaper player $96, each saving $56. Valuing the Tyrant at his current resin value, we're looking at $56 for the Ogor half and a flat $100 for the Bonereapers, each player saving $52.

I know more people here are EU based than US, but the point still stands. If you split this box for the Ogor half, demand to pay signficantly less. Do not 50/50 this box. 

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