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Hi from Cheetor


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Hi everybody.

I've been a minis gamer since the eighties and a sci-fi geek since before that.

Until this year I have avoided fantasy gaming in favour of sci-fi more or less totally, but this year I have been painting old Citadel Nippon for Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant.


Recently I started work on the contents of the Silver Tower box.


After painting the Knight-Questor for ST I decided to pick up some more Stormcast which I will likely be starting next month (I have to get some more Silver Tower items painted first).


I have yet to play AoS but the Handbook really is very inviting and inclusive, hopefully like the members of this forum :)

My blog is sho3box.com if you want to see more images or get more info about the models shown (or the many more that I have painted).

Thanks for looking.  See you around!

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