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Episode 3: Khorne Cats


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August 13, 2016

We are back after getting my daughters moved in for college and Bryan's return from Gencon, lucky Son of a Gun.  We hope you enjoy our ramblings as we are just so glad to be back on a normal schedule again.

Show Notes:
0:00 to 4:00 Introduction
4:00 to 6:35 Welcome and some life ramblings
6:35 to 8:00 Sponsors
8:00 to 11:15 Bryan throws down the gauntlet
11:15 to 19:00 Hobby, Books, Etc.
19:00 to 32:40 News and Rumors
32:40 to 33:45 Break
33:45 to 1:04:00 Gencon Report by Bryan (with of course some of our famous randomness)
1:04:00 to 1:26:10 The General's Handbook (our thoughts)
1:26:10 to 1:59:45 Battle Reports
1:59:45 to 2:01:15 Contact Information
2:01:15 to 2:04:05 Closing Remarks
2:04:05 to 2:06:30 Credits

Holy Havoc (Team AoS Narrative Tournament)


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