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What do you think? (Army list)


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Hello! I recently made a thematic Flesh Eater Courts army,(2,000 points) and was wondering if anyone had any criticism or comments.

name type cost unit role notes total untit size  
lord fillnuk Billharrow archregent 200 leader general, savage chivalry 200 1  
lady mazrikall Billharrow archregent 200 leader decrepit coronet 400 1  
militia crypt ghouls 200 battleline   600 20  
militia crypt ghouls 200 battleline   800 20  
militia crypt ghouls 200 battleline   1000 20  
cryptury mavrill, lord protector of the crown varghulf courtier 160 leader   1160 1  
drelfel, vizier of the peasents crypt ghast courtier 60 leader   1220 1  
the fountain of youth chalice of ushoran 40 endless spell   1260 1  
the knights crimson crypt horrors 320 other   1580 6  
lord's ghouls king's ghouls 120 battalion   1700 -  
the royal horses corpsemare stampede 60 endless spell   1760 1  
melil, master of horse crypt ghast courtier 60 leader   1820 1  
syr nenwin, champion of her ladyship crypt haunter courtier 120 leader the flayed penant 1940 1  
menrev bonebite, court poet crypt ghast courtier 60     2000 1  
DELUSION: The feast day. COURT: Morgaunt


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