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Events Germany: German Tabletop Championships - AoS (120 players, 2000p)

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Event Title: German Tabletop Championships - AoS
Event Author: Kowa
Calendar: Events Germany
Event Date: 06/06/2020 07:30 AM to 06/07/2020 06:00 PM

Hey guys,

the German Tabletop Championships 2020 are a cooperation between several clubs to host tournaments for several systems in one place simulatneously. With the "Eishalle Herford" we have found a place to host a tabletop-event for up to 600 players (120 only for Age of Sigmar). Food, drinks and the option for a free overnight-stay are included in the particiaption-fee.

See details: www.germantabletopchampionships.com (More Age of Sigmar tournament news will follow soon, registration about this page and T3)

Quick information to start:

2000 points army list
2 days event
5 games
120 players
5 Battleplans from GHB with Hidden Agendas


Ask me for question / Greetings



German Tabletop Championships - AoS



Edited by Kowa

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Reminder for our Event!!!

More Details on: https://www.germantabletopchampionships.com/
Registration on T3: 
Discount from 10€ to 31 December!
The total price also includes a complete catering package!


Sign up and experience a great event! Germany's biggest AoS Event!



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