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Marc Wilson

Events UK: Bloodtithe@LGT - International Team Event - London

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Bloodtithe has teamed up with LGT to put on the biggest team event in town.
The four-player International AOS team event - played over two days, 5 games at 2000 points.
This will be a 30 team / 120 player tournament with fantastic prize support.


Bloodtithe Timeline
>Tickets at http://lgtpresents.co.uk/store
>Captains invited to join Whatsappchat at later date.
>Pack finalised when we know GW releases close to time.
>Teams need not be locked down now.
>Lists, as ever, locked down 2 weeks before.

As previously
> No realm Spells, CAs or Realmscapes.
> Custom secondaries.
> GHB2019 only battleplans.
> 5 rounds, 2.45 hours each.
> Early starts, early finishes.


Entrants below:


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Pack is up - the usual with a few small tweaks. Spammed this forum enough now, so will leave alone for a good few weeks, or until it sells out whichever comes first.

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