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Absolution black

FS: Shadespire/Nightvault/Kharadron/Other

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Having a clear out before the end of the year of things I have tried but decided not for me, models I will never get around to painting and other things!

Just sounding out to see if any interest on here before I lump them on ebay at the weekend.  Any questions, please ask!  Paypal please. UK buyers ideally due to weights and costs of postage.



In a KR Multicase (though only one foam insert for models due to other items in the box):

  • Original Shadespire Game Boards
  • Original Nightvault Game Boards
  • Shattered City Game Board
  • Forbidden Chambers Game Board
  • Shadespire & Nightvault tokens, Lots of dice.
  • Garreks Reavers (Built but not touched otherwise with all Faction cards)
  • Thorns of the Briar Queen (NOS With all Faction and universal cards sealed)
  • Sepulchral Guard (NOS with Faction cards)
  • Spiteclaw's Swarm (NOS with Faction/universal cards sealed)
  • The Chosen Axes (NOS with Faction Cards)
  • Ironskulls Boyz (NOS with Faction/universal cards sealed)
  • Magore's Fiends (NOS with Faction cards)
  • Shadespire & Nightvault Rulebooks

Looking for £75 posted to the UK.

2) Nightvault Starter Box Still sealed BNIB             £30 posted to the UK.

3) Kharadron Overlords Army in KR Multicase      £75 posted to UK

If there is interest in this I will double check the final contents but from memory (all are built but not undercoated) there is the following:

  • Aetheric Navigator
  • Endrinmaster
  • 3 squads of 5 x Grundstock Thunderers
  • 1 squad of 10 x Arkanauts 
  • 1 squad of 3 x Endrinriggers
  • 1 squad of 3 x Skywardens
  • 3 x Grundstock Gunhaulers
  • Battletome Kharadron Overlords (Paperback)
  • Warscroll cards

(as I said if interest is shown I will check the box contents and confirm before any payment is made!)

4) Death Guard from Dark Imperium Box NOS plus extras from ETB Poxwalkers and Plague Marines   £35 posted to the UK.

Plus a battered codex but still fine inside and not falling apart!

5) The Khorne elements of the ORIGINAL AoS Starter set (Built but not undercoated)    £20 to the UK Posted

(if interest shown I will confirm that everything is still there!)


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