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AoS 2 -Greywater Fastness Discussion

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, Double Misfire said:


I love those lists, but you're mad (mad!) if you're running Gotrek in a CoS list with no Emerald Lifeswarm. Our lifeswarm is probably one of the best Gotrek enhancers available in the game.

Dont think he has been even close to dying in any of my games ^^.

Been considering trying that list in The living city though.

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Posted (edited)

So quarentine unfortunately has me sapped for motivation when it comes to building and painting... HOWEVER i have totally done at least SOME stuff. So whilst I have pretty much no list in mind for this army anymore here's some of the cool undead city or sigmar pirate conversions I've done.

(Apologies for bad photos my phone camera is literally cracked. When I finish these I wanna get some digital camera shots of them done)



As you can see he's changed a lot from my earlier posts and blog post and he's looking pretty mean! Still a far cry from being finished but he's definitely one of my faves.

Steam tank:


My banshee possessed steamtank walker. This will be the basic conversion for any regular steamtanks I do, I have a converted mortis engine pirate ship steamtank thing for my commander one though. Little bit of a disconnect between those models for sure but this is mostly a 'for fun' project so it's not too big a deal if they don't look that similar.



He's pretty and you can't not have a sea monster if you're doing pirates. Probably not a good unit but once again... Super pretty.


I'm also currently wondering whether I could make a stardrake work so I can stick a vampire on top of it and finally have a big meanie dragon. But the answer to will it work is probably not if I go greywater (and is it really fun undead pirates without having enough points for artillery?) I'm also planning to make some pistol wielding spectral Siren shadow warriors as my next conversion unit so that will be fun.


Just generally looking for some fun melee units to compliment my beasties and handgunners, I'm not too worried about being competitive as like I said, mostly a for fun project.

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