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Events UK: Fall of the Old World VI

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Event Title: Fall of the Old World VI
Event Author: yarrickson
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 03/14/2020 12:00 AM to 03/15/2020 12:00 AM

2 days of Age Of Sigmar at Common Ground Games, Scotland's premier gaming venue. 14th and 15th March 2019. More details including pack etc to follow. Just early warning so you can all get it in your calendars and enjoy the cheap hotel rooms available. 

Price will be £35 payable to yarrickson@yahoo.co.uk, this includes lunch on both days of the event. 44 spaces available, would love to see you all there. 

Pictures from 2019 and 2018 events available on my twitter @yarrickson


Fall of the Old World VI



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Entrants List: 

1. Andrew Stephen (Paid) 

2. Grant Fraser (Paid) (List) 

3. Sean Farmery (Paid) (List) 

4. Mark Roberts (Paid) (List) 

5. Scott Smith (Paid) (List) 

6. Liam Watt (Paid) (List) 

7. Ben Cronin (Paid) (List) 

8. Jane Slater (Paid) (List) 

9.John Bayliss (Paid) (List) 

10. Martin Swaffield

11. Rune Olsen

12. David Jack

13. Joshua Richardson (Paid) 

14. John Harper (Paid) 

15. Frostlord A

16. Frostlord C

17. David Norval (List) 

18. Paul Perkins

19. Scott Pirie (Paid) (List) 

20. John Laurie

21. James Chalmers (Paid) 

22. Alan Mandelson (Paid) (List) 

23. Richard Hudspith (Paid) 

23. Matt Rennie (Paid) (List) 

25. Leigh Martin (Paid) 

26. JP Ganis (Paid) 

27. Kyle Brunskill (Paid) 

28. Iain Hunter (Paid) 

29. Phil McGuinness  (Paid) (List) 

30. Sean McKechnie (Paid) (List) 

31. Rami Jerrow (Paid) (List) 

32. Callum Sinclair

33. Kat Fekete (Paid) 

34. David Nemeth (Paid) 

35. Kian Tan (Paid) (List) 

36. Ryan Hawley (Paid) 

37. Simon Prime (Paid) 

38. Matthew Harrison (Paid) 

39. Stephen Ramage

40. Jack Carruthers (Paid) (List) 

41. John Craig

42. Paul Whitehead (Paid) 

43. Ian Spink






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Bit delayed with the rules pack, but will still publish in the next week. 

More prizes arrived today including this belter. #displayboard****** 

So there will be prizes for

1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall

Best in each grand alliance 

Best in realm x7

Best #displayboard****** 

1st, 2nd and 3rd Coolest armies

Most Sporting opponent 

The spoon

Plus 5 spot prizes


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In case you've been following the twitter discussion or discussion elsewhere.... 

STD everchosen players may take realm artefacts. 

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The Trophy for the Most Sporting Player has very kindly been donated/sponsored by the kind folk at the Northern Invasion Podcast. 



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1sr place prize generously donated by the fantastic local distillery Glencadam. 



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