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REVIEW: Warcry - Monsters and Mercenaries

Mengel Miniatures

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I`ve had a quick flip through the book this week, and from what I can tell: the characters seems rather nice and not really a problem. Sure some are bit more  on the edge of being broken, but still not game ending. Some are a bit underwhelming and dont really fit their intended Warband as what they bring is nothing new or necessary, but still can be a nice addition regardless.

The monsters on the other hand ? ..... oh boy

Open the cheese gates, and prepare your black list for "that guy". The monsters can single handedly wipe out your entire warband like its nobodys bussiness. And they are not that expensive. The cost for the better ones is under 400 pts, Typically around 40-50W and tons of attacks with massive dmg to boost.

Great for Campaign and narrative play. Fantastic for one of scenarios where both warbands try to hunt down the beast ala "monster hunter" and such.

But I would strongly recommend steering away from taking these into regular skirmish games. It seems there is no limitation on them, and you can take 2 big ones  if you take only a leader.

With that said though - They do seem fun for more custom themed scenarios and house rules. For example each warband gets 300-400 pts allocated for a monster they can bring and while the two massive beasts duke it out in the middle of the board your warbands can run around and fight over objectives and targets of opportunity. This could make for rather amusing games.

In short: Not a horrible expansion, though a bit too much way sooner than it was necessary. There is certain fun factor in it, but just like Warcry in general: Dont take it too seriously, dont try to cheese out the maximum efficiency and be a little derpy with it for maximum enjoyment.


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