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Episode 150 - Bonesplitterz

Spirit of Grungni

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So in this episode Alex Gonzalez and I discuss Battletome: Bonesplitterz and all the coolness that is contained in it. You might have heard this book reviewed elsewhere, but Alex and I try to cover all the fluff that drove the rules for the warscrolls so that the army can be seen in its full comprehensive glory. Again, GW knocks it out of the park with this release.









and of course…


Show Index:

0:00:00-0:07:30 – Intro and welcome

0:07:30-0:08:25 – Commercial Break One

0:08:25-0:43:30 – Fluff part one

0:43:30-0:45:10 – Call It

0:45:10-0:47:00 – First Dramatic Reading

0:47:00-1:22:30 – Fluff Part Two

1:22:30-1:24:00 – Second Dramatic Reading

1:24:00-1:47:25 – Three Stories with Battleplans

1:47:25-1:49:15 – Commercial Break Two

1:49:15-2:35:15 – Bonesplitterz Traits, Abilities and Items

2:35:15-2:36:35 – Third Dramatic Reading

2:36:35-3:09:00 – Bonesplitterz Warscrolls

3:09:00-3:11:00 – Commercial Break Three

3:11:00-3:55:30 – Bonesplitterz Warscroll Battalions

3:55:30-3:58:00 – Fourth Dramatic Reading

3:58:00-4:12:00 – Final Thoughts, Wrap Up and EoS Announcement

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