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Tzeentch Fold Reality


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Can anyone give me some insight on the spell Fold Reality?

I was told that there is technically no rules and the ability to “add slain units” could allow one to summon across the board.

For example, my unit of 6 enlightened on disc became surrounded and only 1 model survived. Next turn, i was able to fold reality on the 1 model to add 4, but the added models couldn’t fit in congruence.

Am i able to set up those 4 anywhere on the board and kill off that surviving surrounded model? (While also following the combat engaged unit rules, etc.)

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15 hours ago, Goldenboy24 said:

Would you be able to tell me where the rule or note is for this? I would like to prove it to those who think otherwise as i would agree some sort of cohesion as this seems broken

I would say it is part of the core rules, page 1.


Models fight in units. A unit can
have one or more models, but cannot
include models that use different
warscrolls. A unit must be set up
and finish any sort of move as a
single group, with all models within
1" horizontally, and 6" vertically,
of at least one other model from
their unit.

If a unit is split up at the end of a
turn, models must be removed from
the unit until only a single group
of models remains in play (see Split
Units on page 5).
Sometimes there will not be enough
room to set up all of the models
from a unit. When this is the case,
any models that cannot be set up are
considered to have been slain.

returning slain models is basicly a set-up action, so you are forced that they will be a single group at the end.

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That's a good quote for me to use. Thank you. I guess the argument now is if returning slain is the same as set-up action since that is what the guys were arguing. This unit isn't being set up, models are being returned to a unit. A unit may spread out as much as they can and then follow the congruence effect.

Looks like a roll off for house rules

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