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The Frostblight Procession- A Macabre Taile of Ghostely Happeninge

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"Listene closely, children, for this is a taile ye should not forgette. This is a taile of ghostely happenings and lost spirits.

Once, a king ff Hysh, Alitair the Cold,  sent forthe his legions to conquer the hinterlands. Battle after battle they fought, at the commande of a mighty general: Hibernus the Great. Conquering manie swathes of the wildereness, this army was famed throughout the realmes for its relentlessness. 

However, children,  there are only so manie hours a man can fight lacking rest. And so it happened that, in the ice capped mountains that border the Howling Forest, the army collapsed to a single man. In face of exhaustion, the army could not continue.

But Hibernus would not relent. He forced his soldieres to continue, when they could not. Slowly, slowly, amidst the blizzards of a mountaine kingedom, the army, with Hibernus at its head, wasted away in the snow.

And nowe, the loste spirits of Hibernus and his army haunt the hills of Hysh. Now known by the name Hiberoth, Hibernus continues his assault on the enemies of his king."


So this is the Frostblight Procession: a icy nighthaunt army hailing from Hysh. I will be using the Legion of Grief allegiance for this army, and I intend to play a lot with it; expect battle reports aplenty!

This is Hiberoth, Knight of Shrouds:


And more to come soon. 

Thanks for looking and come back soon,


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