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Recently, my gaming group decided to try to create AoS adaptation of the Warbands rules that were used in some of the previous editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. All of us have decent collections and multiple armies, but we also love playing Skirmish and smaller matched play games, where we can focus on a hero and just a few units. Also, we enjoyed playing Warbands and Regiments of Renown in previous editions of WHFB. After a few test games, we created a simple ruleset and we would like to share it here as well. The rules focus playing 500 point games using some restrictions and limitations. 

Maybe some of you will find this useful - and if you like these rules, feel free to post your suggestions on how to improve them.



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I think the most interesting aspect of the old Warband rules was the flexible unit size to adapt to very small games. The scenario with different deployment and victory conditions was also very interesting. 

Some time ago, I made something similar for AoS but trying to stick more to the original rules, it case it might be a decent reference:


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