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Chris Tomlin

Events UK: Brotherhood - 6 man team event - Lists out!

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Evening all,

In lieu of an Official GW FAQ, here are the House Rules that will be used at Brotherhood for Slaves to Darkness. Any team that has already submitted lists can freely resubmit if these changes impact your selections.

Q - Can the Dark Prophecy command ability be used multiple times?

A - No. Once per turn.

Q - Can a unit benefit from the Nurgle Daemon Prince’s Bloated Blessings command ability more than once per phase?

A - No. Also it only applies to attacks made with melee weapons.

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List submitted.  

a whole 24 hours early! 



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Damn there are a lot of evil lists in there. Guess I'll be happy with 1-4 🤣

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Hey guys,

Just to let you know if you reclick the lists link, the document has been updated. It’s more user friendly and has team 22 added. 

Extra info;

#Brotherhood2020 Battleplans 

Round 1
Battle for the Pass 
Total Commitment 
Round 2
Blood and Glory 
Total Conquest
The Batter Part of Valour 
Round 3
Places of Arcane Power 
Scorched Earth
The Relocation Orb
Round 4
Gifts from the Heavens 
Knife to the Heart  
Shifting Objectives 
Round 5
Border War 
Focal Points
And Hidden Agendas in use;
Secret Mission 
Ancient Heirlooms 
Sorcerer Supreme
Sorry I’m unwell so can’t post anymore now, though I’ll repost the pack link so you can read how the above info is used. Lots for Team Captains to think about now!!
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20 minutes ago, Darkhan said:

Anyone that will be streaming this event?

I don't think so.  Best bet would be to keep an eye on the #Brotherhood2020 hashtag on Twitter

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Just wanted to say thanks to @Chris Tomlin for running a brilliant event and all the teams for being excellent throughout the weekend!

Our teams goal was to not come bottom, which we achieved as it contained a real mix of abilities and armies - which for an event as competitive as this one, struggled at times to cut the mustard.  We did however learn a lot - special mention to team Bad Dice, run by @Ben who were our first draw.  We were outclassed and we all knew it, but each of my team came away having learned something from a good game, for me this really emphasises that regardless of how competitive an event is both players in a game can actually have an enjoyable experience.

For anybody who is toying with doing a team event, I would very much say to go for it.  The team environment really changes the event experience, being able to get tid-bits of advice from other team members about what your opponent may attempt and how to defeat them can be a massive confidence boost.  It's the first time I've experienced points capping for rounds too and am really impressed with how that worked and how it kept the placings super tight.

Team Great Big Secret are certainly aiming for another punt at #Brotherhood2021 - new lists and more practice needed first though 😉

I am regretting being in work today and the alarm going off at 6am...

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9 hours ago, robertxtrem said:

Nothing wrong with coming bottom

Not at all - just we had 3 members of our team who already had wooden spoons at home so wanted to give others a chance - nothing to do with them not wanting another in the slightest 😉

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@RuneBrush Thanks for the shout out!  Glad to know we helped.  I know the chap that I faced in round 1 went on to win 3/4 of his remaining games and said I give hime a few good tips!

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@Ben yup, that was @Chrisdanish!  He was saying that he'd got some good advice from you on both his army and how yours worked, thanks!  Must be honest that one of the things I love about this hobby is how much people want to help each other - really gives a bit of faith back that world can be a nice place!

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