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about on terror, do you mean the terror meaning the nightmare horse, the abissal terror, the dread abissal, or the terrorgheist?

keep consideration that tecnically the abissal terror has tree models: the one rode by Melchior, the one rode by the vampire cavalier and the final one is the one of the mortarchs.


In any case except for the case about the nightmare horse the others are all flying moels. This anyway doesn't mean it has to ave wings (ie the dread abissal has the "fly" rule but does not have wings).

The same concept of the terror leet you choice how to develop it cause it's a fusion of different creatures and sous fused together by the necromantic magic.

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21 minutes ago, Dragon10 said:

Abyssal terror sorry I should of been more clear.


thank you though, what size base 40mm?

Talking avout the old models they have all the 40mm square base, but sincerly, I'd suggest you to move on bigger size. This is cause that base is proportioned to the old models. Actual ones are all bigger and an abissal terror I expect to be quite magnificent. Maybe not the size of a dread one it shold be at list half way.

So I'd suggest a base aboutround 60mm or an oval one about the same size.

It happens actually there are not remaking about those models so you are quite free about the possibilities about personalization yourown one.

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Yeah 60mm seems about right. It doesn't necessarily have to be on a flying base but I think the model should look like it can fly in some way.  Whether that is floating on spirits like a Mortarch or Nagash or having wings like the previous VLoAT model.

I'm thinking of converting one from the high elf griffon prince model. 

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