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New army project - Sylvaneth or DoK?

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Hello together,

after finished my first army, Nighthaunts, it is time to start a new project.

Sylvaneth or Daughters of Khaine

I like the playstyle of both fractions and also the miniatures, so it is very hard, to make a decision.

But I have no idea about their performance at tournaments and also about their strength against other fractions.

My problem is that I have only time to finish one new army in a reasonable time.

So, please gents, give me some advices, what speaks for Syvaneth and what against them; please the same procedure for DoK.

Thanks a lot.


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I was having the same ideas about the two factions.  I went with Sylvaneth because I love the new Arch Revenant model and Drycha plus the timing of the new Battletome book.

As far as tournaments, DoK is the way to go if you want more wins... they are still top of the meta from all I have read on here and other places.

Sylvaneth will be MUCH easier to paint, especially using the Contrast paints.

A downside to Sylvaneth is the reliance on Awakened Wildwoods and with a number of Heroes able to summon them it is going to cost a lot of money just for the scenery.

A downside to DoK is no scenery at all and no endless spells.  I actually like the Sylvaneth endless spells (although I want to mod that tree with the weird orraface - intentionally spelt wrong because it will be censored).

Both armies can require a lot of models depending on how you build them but I think you get a bit more variety in builds with Sylvaneth.  

I still plan on doing a DoK at some point and hopefully by then the snake and wing ladies are as relevant to the build as Witch Aelves as they look way more fun to paint.

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I will make it easy for you. 

Are you willing to buy, paint, and transport 2-3 Awakened Wyldwoods for $50 each? 

If yes; Sylvaneth!

If no: Daughters!

Sylvaneth are my favorite army, but the purchase and transportation of multiple forests is a turn off for many. The old Citadel Wyldwoods were only $33 if you can still find them. 

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DoK is the Ferrari equivalent.

They are gorgeous, high performance but expensive as hell. 

Building a competitive 2k list will require you at least 2 Battleforce, 4 Witch Aelves Boxes and Morathi.

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