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New Youtube Channel??


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Hey Everyone!!

I hope you are all doing good!

I am brand new AOS and to be honest don't at  this moment in time know loads about it nor many people that are involved.

I am thinking of starting a channel as this is something else i've always wanted to try .

The purpose of this would be mainly to learn more about the game,  to get better at painting and playing as I go along, and mainly to be able to meet some people in the community that I could play and learn with.

what do you guys think of this idea? and what would you like to see?




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I think starting an in-depth hobby like this while trying to run a video channel might take time away from either that would be better spent focusing on the other (if that makes sense).

If you are BRAND NEW, highly recommend watching other people first.

Miniwargaming and Tabletop Minions are my recommended places to start. 2+ Tough does good lore vids, and Rerolling Ones has good battle reports.

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@CommissarRotke Is right on the money. Only you, yourself, can determine if the time spent on the production process for videos and being consistent about it is right for you. I'm on my second channel for wargaming, first being during Warmachine and Hordes's peak, and the other is focused on Blades of Khorne. I've learned that you spend a lot of time getting videos ready than you do actually recording the video itself. 

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I've sometimes found doing a blog helps at some stages - you can write out your method for things and your process even if no one is reading; it can help you a lot in being a reference point and in firming up your understanding of what you're doing. 

Even then its important to balance it out so that you're blogging during your free hobby time and not letting it dominate otherwise you can run into the situation where you don't attempt something more challenging/detailed because you keep thinking about the extra blogging steps you feel compelled to make. So when its more of a hobby aid you've got to be ready to drop it when its no longer helping - unless it becomes its own thing of course.


Video is more work because if you want it to it right you've got to have constant good lighting; recording video and audio; scripts (so that you don't spend half the time going "hmm harr" and "where did I leave that" etc..) The nature of video makes it a higher input production than for a stills blog. That said it all depends how good and experience and what video gear you've got. For those who are experienced and confident it can be ilttle time difference; whilst for the new and inexperienced its a bigger investment because youv'e got to master all the video skills and might also have to contend with equipment limitations. 

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