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Collating Fanmade Cities - Collaborative project

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With the pending release of the Cities of Sigmar, I thought it would be fun to get together a word based map of the City you have designed for your Freepeople, and some details around it. I will update the post with each excerpt so we can catalogue the many varied cities of the realms that are coming together. My aim is to collate detailed information on fan made cities, from their colour scheme and heraldry to inspire other players through to background and lore to inspire those wishing to play battles, or RPGs set within the rich setting provided. 
Below are the cities I have had information from fans for so far, but I'm looking to gather far more information on each, I have also attached an example (though hard to read due to site limitations) of how extensive I'd like the initial layouts to be for each city by way of my own Midnight City pages.
So anyone working on designing a city add your details below:
City Name
Defining Characteristic
Populace (Races, Factions)
A bit of background

First update:
The Midnight City
Located on the plateau at the head of the Mirrored Valley a region trecharous to all save those who know the path, its many mirrored walls concealing countless pitfalls.
Sunken Metropolis, outer streets in ruin
Ironweld Factory city long since thought abandoned, though for centuries progress has continued in the many workshops beneath the surface. Since unveiling their survival the city has become the functional operating hub for the Argent Order of Witch Hunters, their hidden temple presumably located nearby.
Populated by Humans, Automata, and a small number of Duardin elders who marshall the workshops

The Thorn Peninsula
Situated on the facade of a mountain that splits the skies and it’s always raining......
Aelf, Human And Stormcast mainly with a few Duardin.
The Realmswirl gate
Located on a small plateau overlooking a realm gate and multiple large open areas, which are then surrounded by tress.
Mostly humans and duardin, some elves, virtually no stormcast.
Originally a small town a few days north of the Living City, after the Season of War, the Orchid Guard (a famed regiment of the Living City) was ordered to station there and make Korrigan a northern bulwark against future attacks against the Living city. Under the wise rulership of General Leif, Korrigan quickly grew in size as trade deals were made and pacts of friendship written. Now, the Orchid Guard are entwined with Korrigan's populace.

The nearby Realmgate once travelled between several realms, rotating its end destination every few weeks, but with the necroquake's effects, it has become much more erratic, its flow barely predictable by the prognostications of the Collegiate wizards of Korrigan's school.
Spire Vanis
Thrall Point peninsula
The city is named for its many towers, most of which rise from fortified holdings that are home to powerful Sorceresses or Warlords and their retinues. Narrow bridges arch between the towers joining many of them in a network of pathways high above the narrow streets below, such that looking down on the city from above it appears to lie beneath a massive web.
Mostly Aelves and Humans, with some Duardin, but it is undisputably the Aelves that rule here, a conclave of the cities most powerful Sorceresses and Captains form the government.
The city was overrun and ruined by the forces of Archaon during the Age of Chaos, since reclaiming their homeland the people of the city have fought a near ceaseless war against the nearby tribes of Ogors, Troggoths and also the Skaven.
Everdawn Mountains
Located at the feet of the Everdawn Mountains, its inhabitants are humans and aelves came from Azyr. The economy of the city is focused on the production of invigorating potions created with the pure waters of the Aetherlight Cascades situated not far from the settlement.
Silverfall presents the stormkeep of the Lyonshields, strike chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar that took back the city from the forces of Nurgle during the assault at a near realmgate.
With the necroquake and the consequent soul wars the sacrosanct chamber of the Starstrikes has been added to protect the region.
Black Iron isles of the Searing Sea
Inhabited by Aelves of all kinds and Human mages.
A Human/Aelven college of magic -dedicated to the study and recovery of the Agloraxi wonders-, floats above the city, chained to nearby mountains.
City that still is growing
A mountain region with a realmgate to the realm of death.
Once protected by aelves human and duardin but completely destroyed by khorne in the time of chaos. Acadian Stormborn freed it with help of descendends of the city and now they are rebuilding their lost heritage under the protection and guidance of the watchful eye of some Stormcast
Bottom of a mountain that is surrounded by deep forest
Only elves, a few sylvaneth, very isolated
A refuge found when a large Orruk Ironjawz incursion forced the local Aelves fro their homes. An ancient forest dragon that made its home beneath the boughs gave them the support they needed to make a stand, and in time a home.
Iron Lion City
Amethyst mountains
City with 3 small towns nearby
Realm gate called the lions maw at the city centre.
Free guild companies (Iron legion) stormcast (rotating storm hosts) kharadron overlords
Stern, Stout and comparatively Short Human/Duardin Populace
The city stands on an open grassy plane, surrounded by five concentric rings of moats. There are no walls in Bal’lahast, only the stake laden pits of water that keep the great beasts of Ghur at bay. Only a single bridge crosses each section of the moat, and one would have to circle around having just crossed the first in order to reach the second and so on. This makes Bal’lahast a nightmare to siege without the use of flying beasts, and so the city has never fallen.
The armies of Bal’lahast go to war dressed in copper-alloy armor and burgundy cloth. The region of Ghur in which the city resides is poor in metals bar copper, and so they craft most of their armor from a synthesized alloy of the metal, produced by the city’s Collegiate Arcane.
South of the Mountain Phraon, east of Saint Martha's Vale (forest.)
Predominantly humans, some Aelves, Duardin.
Known for their advance embalming techniques, the Gravedigger's Guild inadvertantly filled the city with well preserved bodies, which would prove costly in the wake of the Necroquake.





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Should we DM you with short summary of our Free Cities?

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I'll make mine, but I am ready to abandon it and make a new one if my description means I can't play what I want.

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4 hours ago, michu said:

Should we DM you with short summary of our Free Cities?

Yup, send it over to me with what you have, it doesnt have to be pages upon pages, even brief details will do. So far the longest i have is 7 pages and the shortest is a page.



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Here's one I've made that could use a writer's skill at wordplay (Since I'm an engineer):

Camp Sinew

Desert of Bones – Roughly halfway on the road between Shadespire and the Realmgate on the far end of the Desert. It likes to move.


Outpost (Allegiance: Not Nagash)

Somewhere in the middle of the Desert of Bones between the ruins of civilization and the tendrils of its most recent gasp, a large collection of tents and trade caravans stands as the last outpost for adventurers heading to Shadespire. While the population usually numbers in the hundreds, it has been known to swell into the thousands on occasions when multiple caravans and adventuring parties arrive and overlap on trips.

Adventurers traveling to the mirrored city often set camp here for a chance at spending the night without fear of attack from the dead, and a last chance to purchase supplies before traveling on. Returning adventurers have the opportunity to catch their breath, tell stories of their previous adventure, and then usually break down crying when they realize all of their companions died. Often these returning souls can find work among the caravans, or can travel along as armed guard.

Merchant Caravans get the benefits of being able to sell goods and services at a premium, while also being the first to purchase the first fruits of the Mirrored City, some that can be sold in the other realms for a higher price.

The camp consists of almost all of the races of the mortal realms, minus those fully under the sway of Nagash, but including the occasional vampire, necromancer, or other minion free from Nagash’s will. Order is usually the majority faction in the camp, though a relative stalemate is held by all factions of the camp, as sometimes having safety trumps being the ruling power.

The outpost is not visited by armies of the living, as the desert and Shadespire both tend to be more effort to trudge through than they are worth. The biggest threat comes from Nagash himself, though as long as the outpost does not swell too much in size, it is hardly noticed by the Great Necromancer.

Fun fact #1: Because the Camp is made primarily of travelers that set up on either ends of the camp, the camp shifts quite often, moving up to two miles over the period of a month.

Fun fact #2: Safety is always in numbers, and travelers do not generally need to worry about being ambushed just outside of town. Bandit groups tend to be large enough without being overwhelmed by the occasional patrol of Dead.

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