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FaceHammer Episode 10: The Rage of Sigmar!

Terry Pike

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Welcome to the show!

In this episode we review the latest products from Games Workshop, we break down the transfer sheet and tell you why you NEED that combat gauge! We then talk about the contents of the Age of Sigmar starter set, we discuss the models, rules and value and finally break into the last segment where we discuss the mechanics and rules around the new Warhammer and touch on the Warscrolls and other internet reactions to Age of Sigmar.

So sit back and relax and get ready for Hammer to your Face!

Disclaimer - There may be rants... but not about what you think ;)


The FaceHammer Casters

Byron "MIA" Orde - @Elementgames_
Les "Always buys the latest filth" Martin - @Wintersoldier_
Russ "The Face" Veal - @Russ_Veal
Terry "Daemons are bent" Pike - @TerryPike84

Its all on the GW website!

Don't forgot to enter our competition for an Age of Sigmar starter box!

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