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Opinions please: Terrain and Marble colors


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     I’ve finished all of the terrain from the warcry starter set except the statue head. My ruins are a lighter shade of blue-green than the game board so (I think) it looks good when set up and the beige brickwork helps it fit with the reverse side of the board (I hope). My problem is that I am also going to paint up the other two ravaged lands sets and do not want them to match this city ruin set. I want a paint scheme that

1) looks different,

2) works with it’s native game board,

3) still looks good when pieces are intermixed together. 

    All three ravaged lands sets include statues; my idea is to paint all the statues as the same type of marble to help bring the different sets together. But what color would work? Brown marble is what I’m currently thinking about but blue would look better on the set that is currently done. 

     I know that how I paint the other sets will be a determining factor in this but I’m not 100% sure what colors I will use yet. Currently I’m leaning towards the default factory scheme on the mausoleum or a lighter shade of grey granite (possibly with some green undertones). On the storm vault I’m thinking about something close to the studio colors but reversed (so mostly grey with the warm cream color as the accent). We have a lot of people with really great imaginations and eyes for color here so I’m hoping someone can give me some good advice (even if these calls for help rarely ever get any).



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Maybe a white marble with red veins and pink tones? The red/pink would tie to the warmer tones of the bricks and wood, I would probably add green washes as weathering in the recesses to tie in to the rest of your terrain, you could use the same weathering colours on the stormvault kit so it looks like they come form the same area 

images (1).jpeg


images (2).jpeg

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     Yes it’s the same set in each photo; I just flipped the board. I’ve noticed the side of the board they’re placed on makes some colors/tones stand out more especially in photos. They’re all painted with cheap craft paints and homemade ink washes other than a few of the details; that’s how I paint all of my terrain. If you’re still interested I’ll post how I did it (some people refuse to use craft paint on any of their models). But for the most part you could do it with GW paints as well. I mixed my paints to make an approximation of some of the GW line.

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