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Age of Sigmar comic

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Hey people,

Here's a comic strip I've been working on. I have plenty of ideas around various inhabitants of the mortal realms, so I'm thinking about doing some more.

I hope you like it and let me know what kind of stuff you'd like to see in an AoS comic :)WH01_V0.png.1d38bbcb1c93974f3f2eace16fb7b168.png

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Hah amusing! 


I'd say do more strips, get a good dozen or more under your belt and then start to see what people want. In the end your vision matters most since otherwise you'll never have motivation to continue. I'd say the biggest choice is if you want to make it one-off gag reels; a gag reel with fixed characters or a fixed character story (even if jovial and comical)

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@Overread thanks, yeah that’s the plan, I’ll just keep making them and see where it takes me. I’m thinking it’s gonna be mostly one offs, but I could re-use characters I like. I like the freedom of going anywhere in the mortal realms. I haven’t found a title yet, something like « life in the realms » might do it

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