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     How is everyone planning to base your models? I’m specifically asking about the new/unique chaos groups. On the one hand I could base to reflect the realm they come from but then they would stand out in a larger Slaves AoS army, but then again if I base them all to match a singular larger force I’m worried they may look too uniform when used in Warcry itself.

     And while writing this I had an idea occur: why couldn’t/shouldn’t GW make these units into realm based options the same way magical artifacts are in malign sorcery? Seems to make more sense lore-wise. That would give each realm even more flavor in game as well as incentive to create a “season 2” type expansion focusing on the other grand alliances as well. For clarification: what I mean is instead of them having the “Slaves to Darkness” key word it’s changed to “Slaves to Darkness-Realm”. In order to take the unit your army must be able to both take StD units and hail from that realm; while this does make them more restricted mechanically it fits more thematically. To match their elite status Everchosen can still take any of the warcry units.

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Just a quick reply as im texting fron work....


I would recommend basing them as your slaves army, however to make them stand out more or look less plain in the warcry game, i would suggest adding some extra debri (such as ruins, or bones/skulls...erbody loves skulls) that way they both stand out on the warcry table and fit with your slaves army. 


I am personally basing my untamed beasts with wintery snow/ice bases. I always interpret my own lore/make my own which adds extra depth to an army, for example YES untamed beasts come from a certain realm but hell, there are beasts in every realm so who is to say thay cant come from, or have migrated to other realms. Games workshop is amazing for its rich lore and openness for its players to create their own story. For example instead of my gloomspite being in dank caves with mushrooms everywhere, i based them to look like they live in a duardin ruin.

The biggest challenge for me with my bases is making them realistic...i live in Australia, we are currently in our coldest month of winter and it was 27°C  (80°F)  yesterday. Im wearing shorts and a t-shirt and trying to avoid the sun haha ive never seen snow in my life!

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I’m matching to the tables I’m most likely to play on rather than my spaces to darkness/Slaanesh army. 

In AoS I’m not matching the basing of my army anyway so what’s one more unit with a different basing? but as Warcry is so individual focussed I’m going to match that within all my warbands. And it seems to be likely it’s going to be pretty much a play at home game for me I’m painting the warbands myself anyway. 

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I'm old school. I used to do the following for all models, even Tomb Kings (initially) :

- Woodland Scenics fine ballast glued on with Emler's

- Paint goblin green

- Drybrush bilious green

- Drybrush with bilious+white

- Drybrush very edges with bilious+lotsa white


Now I do the same with degrees of brown (for a few armies) or grey (for most armies) over astrogranite.

This lets me paint models for use in multiple games. For instance, my demons are good in 40K, AoS, and Kill Team.


I've never been a fan of scenic bases. It doesn't make sense to me that the skull/twig/tombstone at the warrior's feet is moving up the battlefield with him/her. For display models? Heck yeah! Gaming models? Nah.

I even have put ballast over the decorative nighthaunt models in my nighthaunt army.


This is not a criticism of anyone who jazzes up their gaming model bases. I'm just answering the question and giving insight into my answer.

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39 minutes ago, CrabSlap said:

I'm thinking about basing each warband in the realm they're from.

Green vegetation for Splintered Fang, metallic for Iron Golems etc.

This. It will be red canyon for my Untamed beasts and  l have no clud what I will do for my Iron golems (maybe the WD basing tutorial for chamon)

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