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Stormcast half of AoS starter box (sale/trade)


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Hi guys,
New member here, looking to move on my Stormcast half of the AoS starter box to fund my plastic crack addiction. You would get:

- Celestant on Dracoth
- Lord Relictor
- 3 Retributors

- 10 Liberators

- 3 Prosecutors

All the models have been assembled/undercoated black/painted silver. 1 Liberator has been neatly painted basically in the Hallowed Knights scheme as a test model. All paint is thin, and would be an easy strip job if you wanted to. 

Not sure what to set for a price as I'm in Australia and our prices are insane. Trade wise I'm looking for Khorne Bloodreavers or Wrathmongers, open to other Khorne stuff too. If trading we can sort out something regarding the postage.

If you want to buy them please make me an offer that you think is fair, you will pay postage. 

Will upload photos in the morning when the light is better. 
Thanks guys.  

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