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New GG player trying to figure out a Squig list

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Since GW was so kind to purge all high elf models and i had a Looncurse half i decided to give a Squig list a go, but i am completly new to the faction and the GA destruction so i may beed some assistence.

My local meta uses 1500 pts and 3 battlelines requirement (to include more players and make games to go faster.

So far i got:

Loonboss on giant cave squig

12 squig herd


Mangler squigs

4 boxes of squig hoppers

6 sneaky snufflers

Globapalloza box (i intend to use those as their warscrolls or shamans proxies)

Nothing is assembled yet, and i could use some advice on how to build a list with those bad boys. All feedback is welcome. 


Thanks in advance!

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