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I've been having a bit of trouble actually getting things done, the uncertainty of what the new warscrolls will bring isn't helping me, but I want to help myself getting things done.

So, I'll post a goal for myself, and when it is finished, I'll post a new goal for myself. Making it public will be a bit of a help for me to make stuff and post pictures of it.

This weekend, I'm going to make myself an adequate hobby space, and finish three models:

- Excelsior Warpriest

- Tiny gryph hound from the set

- Magewrath Throne

No more, I have more to do this weekend (whole sunday with other projects).

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17 hours ago, Redking said:

Good luck.  Achievable goals are the best.

I have glued the models together, not the hobby room and they have not been primed yet. Now a bit disheartened by the squashing and lack of communication around it.

Thanks for the support!

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14 minutes ago, zilberfrid said:

Quite well actually! Thanks for asking.

I was quite bummed with the culling, but I did manage to paint what I wanted and more, the hobby room did not succeed, that needs a bit more planning .

Well done! Terrain always kills me, so getting that done, kudos! 

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There are some personal things going on in my life, but I did do quite a bit in the last weeks.

- Tiny griph hound painted

- Tiny demigryph knight (from chaos familiars) painted to fit the tiny gryph hound

- Three quartergryphs finished

- Two riders for the above finished

- Demigryph finished

For this weekend, I will try to do the following

- Two more tiny demigryph riders fromn the familiars set finished

- Gryph charger finished (from Lord Arcanum)

- Deathclaw finished up to the head (don't know what head I will want to use com new warscrolls)

I don't have the High Elf griffin yet, so I can't complete the gryph lineup, but I can make most of them.

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