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Events UK: Mancunian Carnage: Blood on the Snow


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Event Title: Mancunian Carnage: Blood on the Snow
Event Author: Boombatty80
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 12/07/2019 12:00 AM to 12/08/2019 12:00 AM

Back by popular demand! Mancunian Carnage returns to The Forge for it's winter outing 'Blood on the Snow'.

This is a uniquely relaxed tournament which is capped at 32 players in one of the best gaming venues around. 

2000 points matched play AoS.

Custom designed secondaries.

The best/weirdest trophies in Age of Sigmar! 

A deranged dog called Arthur.

Full rules pack can be accesses here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hUE9huhOR2TZmyFhylcxaexBDPOvaelknlAJFpxi2Lw/edit?usp=sharing 

Contact me @ginjones85 or go to The Forge for tickets. 





Mancunian Carnage: Blood on the Snow



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Updated Attendee list - green are paid up - otherwise outstanding. 

Three tickets still up for grabs after some drop outs. 

Adam Elford
Alex Cawthorne
Ben Cronin
Chris Hibbins
Chris Scribins
Courtney Brightwell
Dan George
Jane Slater
Joe Purcell
Louis Meadows
Rob George
Sam Watson
Steve Curtis
Toby Meadows
Tom Patton
Troy Hardy
Lindon Wedgewood
Jon Redmond
Jack Davenport
Andy Bryan
Christian Moore
James Beesden
Tony Moore
Aaron Wilson
Tom Lees
Craig Carlton
Neil Peckett
Ady Mac
Mike Wilding
Lewis Moorby
Gabriel Huddlestone
Thomas Blazall
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1 hour ago, Boombatty80 said:


If you'd like to be added to the reserves list then please let me know as it's already growing fast!


I bought a ticket on the forge website but I may be being blind but I'm not sure I'm on the list. Lewis Moorby. 

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