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Skragrott Da Loonking, an Everchosen entry.


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Skragrott, Da Loonking

No, your eyes do not deceive you – I did paint a goblin. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know how this went, but over the last month or so I was working on this chap as my entry for the Everchosen competition.
Why the Loonking? No idea really, other than it being a fantastic model with loads of different things to paint, and being something entirely different to anything I’d painted for a long old time. I think the last time I’d painted any greenskin was way back in the days of 2nd Ed 40k. This chap was loads of fun though, even if all the mushrooms did drive me slightly crazy. That burnt yellow is fast becoming my new favourite colour to paint, and it was interesting to see how this model would look with my muted, Blanchitsu style applied to it.
In terms of the competition itself, I entered the Loonking in the main category, and the King-In-Horns into the Open. How did I do? Well….


Silver place for both, which I was and still am incredibly happy with. I’m very aware that my style isn’t to everyone's taste, and definitely isn’t a GW/Eavy Metal competition winning style, so these results were way more than I expected.
And it’s given me a hankering to do some more greenskins for AoS at some point…
And finally, Their Highnesses are still on display in-store at GW, which is always a lovely thing:

A few personal-view issues with how the competition was promoted and is run by GW aside, I think it was a great idea overall, and fantastic for those of us who cant spare the time, money, or patience to get along to one of the Fests or Golden Daemon competitions. More of this kind of thing please, GW.

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