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Painting Body Glitter Effect


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I want to paint up The Unmade warband as Mardi Gras revelers, and I was interested in trying to get a body glitter effect on their skin and, uh, face-belts, without making the skin look metallic. I want the effect of a light dusting of body glitter here and there, but I'm not sure what will achieve this without looking clumpy and without overwhelming the skin tone so they look robotic. Anyone have experience applying a light glitter look?

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     @Zamik I did this last night while playing, err... testing some new color shift paints. Use a clear colorshift paint on top of a white or off white base coat. Color shifts only really show up over dark tones and just give light tones a glittery effect. Just make sure the color you’re using is clear or very close to it as a couple of them use translucent colored mediums instead.

     I don’t know how well these photos will come out as I had to zoom in quite a bit to catch the effect and the quality went down the further I zoomed in. In one I brush painted a single thin coat on top of a black stripe to test it and the paint extends below the black (in person you just see a shimmer). The second is a patch of plaid wytch flesh meant to be a highlight on a model’s shoulder. The entire model was airbrushed with chameleon paint to get the purple/blue color of the model but the off white dot (which i need to fix) is still just off white with a glitter effect. 

     Also: the stripe photo is of Greenstuff World’s “toxic purple” which is a green/purple chameleon which would fit perfectly for Mardi Gras. 

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