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Vengeful Duardin Throng


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This is my 2000pts Duardin list. I am still debating the following thing:

Grudge Tower or a Canon ? 

Would you take more thunderers to get the +1 to hit a little bit longer ? (combined with the +6" given by Grim Burlokson)

I have played couple games and find the warriors very very weak... Is it worth it to pay more points for Long Beards ?

Does the battalion ability (relaunch 1 to hit, on 1,2 or 3 during battlshock no model flee) is worth it or is it better to take another warmachine ?

Thanks for your input 

Grudgebond War Throng Battalion 60 

1 Warden King 120 
1 Rune Lord      80 
1 Unforged      100

10 Longbeards 140 
20 Thunderers 240
20 Dwarf warriors 200
10 Dwarf warriors 100

10 Ironbreakers 160
10 Hammerers   200
10 Hammerers   200

Grimm Burlokson 100 (compendium) 
1 Organ Gun        120 
1 Grudge Thrower 180 "

Total 2000

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Judicators are a nice Battleline option for a largely Dispossessed army.  They let you focus your Duardin infantry on Hammerers and Ironbreakers, and they don't really need any in-faction Hero support.

You could do really well with one Celestial Hurricanum, two units of Judicators, and the rest all Dispossessed/Ironweld Arsenal.

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It seems the Hurricanum is the "hot" fig to take these days... I read its warscroll and I can see why, with an artillery battery nearby, plus some judicators, that's a hell of a defensive line.

Thanks for the tip, I really like that option ;-) 

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It's also a delightful hobby project to build and paint.


ETA:  I actually Dwarf themed mine, months ago.  Stripped off all the Sigmar/Karl Franz references I could, added plenty of bits with runic symbols on them, replaced the crew with Dwarf models (including a Reaper Dwarf wizard)..

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