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What do you want to see from online batreps?

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Hi all

A friend of mine has recently set up an AOS youtube channel to show batreps, painting guides and reviews. He is looking to build his following and I wonder if there is anything specific you would like to see more of or things/armies that the big channels dont often cover that could be a niche for him.

The channel is called log cabin gaming (because it is based in an amazing log cabin we built in his garden, complete with bar and working beer pumps!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3KFOcLIUQ07AXdpLNpV2LQ

Any feedback welcome. 

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Well, there are a lot of things that comes to batreps.

It starts at visuals: How is the image quality, how stable is the cam, are the armies we see painted? Is the terrain? Also a lot of how cuts are made and what of the game is shown is quite important. I for my own really dislike Batreps that skip phases and only show how the board looks after a turn. Having the Viewer see the rolls is quite important in my opinion. Things like moving each single model are worth cutting, Rerolling Ones has a nice dynamic way to it. Another important thing is lightning. A good Light allows smoother images with crispier contrasts and also less blurred frames and is overall an important key point which seperates most good batrep channels from the others most people simply skip. 

The second important thing in my opinion: The entertainment. Having a talk before and after the game in which you talk about your army, maybe your expectations, and afterwards about how the game went, is really a core thing that should be always included! Also the way you talk during the game is important! A confident, clear and loud voice makes it easier to listen and to get the point of what you are telling your viewers. Also, declare on what you are rolling and what rules apply to the roll. This is a thing that actually should be done during all games as it is just an added transparency and allows your opponent to follow the gamer easier.  Channels get more entertaining on the long term with some diverse factions. Also, as most people I know look for Batreps by a search of "FACTION XY BATREP", having a broad load of factions and a mix of them playing against each other, will help you to increase popularity. This can be easily achived by inviting guests for a game, so you don´t have to bother building more and more armies :)

With this beeing said, I wish you luck for the channel :) Will check out the Khorne vs Skaventide one as it looks quite interesting

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I must say I really like to watch battlereports and I noticed that I developed certain likings when choosing my channel. 

First of course the quality of video AND sound is important. I dont watch all the rep, I listen to a lot of it esp when I am painting. 

Nevertheless amazingly painted armies are important. A lot of times I just scroll to the army overview and if they are not well painted I tend to click elsewhere. It just is so much more fun to watch amazing miniatures being pushed around. Plus of course I have to like the armies - but this of course is very subjective. 

Last but not least the fun is important. If the players have fun themselves, make jokes, cheer for their dice rolls etc it is so much more entertaining to watch then the kind of "professional" games where they just push threw with their tourney routine. 

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