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New Chaos Player Looking for Advice

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hello TGA Community,

Im a first time poster and relatively new to the hobby. While I enjoy building and painting Im trying to get into the game aspect more (only played 5 games).  A friend of mine has invited me to a local tournament and while Im very excited to participate, I feel very inexperienced. I was hoping to get some advice on a possible list I can bring, and general tips for tournament play. 

I own the "Godsworn warband" box and the Khorne half to the original starter set as well as a slaughter priest. 

Im not entirely sure if i should run BoK with StD allies or vice versa, or run them as Grand Alliance Chaos.  

  • StD seem to have a variety of troop choices, with access to tanky battle line and cavalry.
  • Khorne gets access to blood tith points, and while I dont have demons to summon , the other effects are appealing.

from what little i know, it seems like the bloodsecrator and warshrine are auto picks, but im not entirely sure what else i should bring. 

any and all suggestions are welcomed and extremely appreciated. 


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First of all welcome!

I am sorry to say this, but in short term you will have the most fun with the painting of StD Units and less playing them. In long term it is a great army, that currently just lacks the punch to compete a lot. This will change somewhere in the future when we receive an battletome.   Now they feel weak to every single opponent faction as the rules are dated. There will be a big update in foreseeable future, yet we do not know when.

You are already well informed and know the advantages and disadvantages of both. Khorne has some great Traits, Artifacts, Prayers and general Abilities through Bloodtithe. StD allows you to use Knights and other nice units as Battleline. By the way, your Warshrine can invoce the Khorne prayers too if I am not wrong.

In general, Khorne offers you more for pledging your Alligience to him. I went the same way, but in the long term replaced all StD Units while waiting for the new tome and play pure Blades now. Slaves are a great army when you want to have a cool fluffy alliegience. Their theme of mighty beatstick warlords trying to slay enemy heroes and monsters for ascension totaly ruins any serious tactics but is hell lot of fun to play :D

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Going Khorne will def be more competitive which is probably a good idea if you are going to a tournament. By the way the slaves can take the mark of khorne and so won't count as allies. Chaos knights love khorne buffs like extra attacks from the bloodsecrator and +1 to hit from the slaughterpriest (Killing Frenzy prayer), as well as being great candidates to be whipped by the bloodstoker for +3" to charge and reroll wounds (and remember all of those buffs apply to the steeds as well as the riders).

With the models you have I would recommend the Goretide Slaughterhost to get your bloodwarriors and bloodreavers running and charging. The reroll 1's to wound when within 12" for all mortals is a really nice buff as well.

If you list your models and the amount of points you are building to I would be happy to help you out with an army list.

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the tournament i went to was 1000pts. but now that its over im looking to increase my  army into a 2000pts warband. And would value any input as to what i should purchase next. 

What i own so far: 

The contents of the godsworn warband: 

16x chaos warriors 

10x chaos knights 

1x chaos lord on manticore 

1x chaos warshrine 

1x chaos chariot (built as a gore beast) 

In addition i own the khorne blood bound starter set

1x mighty lord of khorne

1x blood secretor 

1x blood stoker 

1x khorgorath 

20x blood reavers

5x blood warriors 

After the tournament I went ahead and purchased the skull altar, the khorne judgments and an additional slaughter priest ( 2 all together)  

I feel like as far as mortal heroes go i've got a good selection both slaughter priests seem like auto picks as well as the blood secretor and stoker. I've heard a lot of discussion regarding the aspiring death bringer and the juggernaut lord being great picks as well, Any thoughts? 

I'd like to buff my battle line. While blood reavers can be good chaff and even mini blenders if buffed correctly, i find the blood warriors to be very reliable and overall a better choice, i only have five and am considering buying an additional box. 

Skullcrushers sounds good, but how do they compare to chaos knights? Is one a better pick over the other? 

Are bloodletters worth getting just to have some units to summon? 

And finally, I'd like to get a box of wrathmongers, their buff and two inch range makes for a great unit to buff blood warriors while still getting attacks in. Are they a better choice over skull reapers? 

If there are any addition units I should purchase Id love to know why and which ones? 

Thank you so much for any and all help

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How did you go in the 1000 point tournament?

So far your instincts are really good. Slaughterpriests are indeed a must take and in 2000 points you want at least 2. casting 2 prayers per turn plus a judgement each, none of which your opponent can stop, is extremely powerful, even more so with the altar. I havnt used judgements myself however they appear to be useful for blocking your opponent's movement if nothing else and seeing as you have the models it would make sense to include at least one.

The Bloodsecrator is also fairly essential and I would put a bloodstoker in the same class. The movement buff and reroll wounds is huge and he is less of a target for the enemy.

Aspiring Deathbringers are very handy in 1000 point games but usually in larger games you will need hero slots for stronger heroes. The Juggerlord is capable however his command ability is very meh and he is probably a little overcosted for what he does. You dont tend to see him in many competitive lists. 

Some people swear by buffed up reavers, others would say dont waste your time and buffs on them. Yes they can get a huge amount of attacks but they are low quality and they die to a stiff breeze. One unit is essential if you run the gore pilgrims battalion but even without it I usually take a 10 man unit for one of my slaughterpriests to cast blood sacrifice on. They also make good screening units which die easily for bloodtithe. If you really want to go for a screaming horde of buffed up reavers then the Dark Feast battalion is a great option. You might also consider an Exalted Deathbringer in that list for battlsehock immunity The warshrine is very good with reavers too as its a mobile totem, can let them reroll hits, gives a ward save and can take a prayer like killing frenzy. For that build you need minimum 3 units and probably want at least 60... if you can stand painting that many good luck to you!

Bloodwarriors are indeed quite reliable. Not having rend and wounding on 4's isnt great but attacking on death is cool, bouncing mortal wounds on 6's can also be great. If I take them I always bring 10 for the Goreglaive however you often see them run in units of 5 as essentially speed bumps and objective grabbers. I've often seen the 10 man unit decimated by shooting only for the remaining 3 or 4 to really hold their own in whatever combat they make it to. Another box of warriors is definitely recommended and I would build 10 with gorefists and 5 with dual axes but its obviously up to you if did it the other way around. 

The other trick you can do, which I have done along with many others, is to build Wrathmongers and then use 5 blood warrior torsos to make Skullreapers. It requires some cutting and maybe a little green stuff but works really well. Both mongers and reapers are awesome. Obviously they perform very different roles with Skullreapers being probably the biggest damage dealing unit mortals have. Buff them up with extra attacks and whip them with the stoker and watch them go to town. Wrathmongers are an excellent support unit for them, or for a unit of 10 bloodwarriors, or for anything really!

I havnt used skullcrushers but they do seem to be on par with chaos knights. They can both receive the same buffs, same wounds for a minimum size unit, knights are faster although the crushers have a better save which is important. A slaughterpriest with Bronzed flesh can make them a 2+ save which is huge. Also with only 3 models you wont have to worry about battleshock and mortal wounds on the charge are great (I wouldnt run them in units of 6 as they take up a heap of space and are unlikely to all fit in combat). If you get them def go glaives over hand weapons for extra charge damage (same goes for knights). If you do run the knights then you really want to be running the chaos lord on mount for the +1 to hit and reroll charges command ability so bare that in mind. 

A unit of 10 x bloodletters is def worth getting for summoning as sometimes you need bodies on an objective. If you want to start with them in the list you prob want a big unit of 20, if not the full 30. They are the definition of glass cannon but when they go off its great to watch. 

I cant recommend flesh hounds enough. Fast, can unbind, can reroll charges (making them an excellent unit to summon), good for screening, have lots of attacks which make them great for clearing opposition chaff.

Unless you like the models I wouldnt bother with blood crushers or the skull cannon. Neither is a good competitive choice and there are better summoning options. The only other unit of note we hant mentioned are Bloodthirsters. Def get at least one, for summoning if not to start with. The Insensate Rage version is probably best for a one off damage dealer although if you go a daemon heavy list the Unfettered Fury with its 6" pile in ability for daemons within 16" is gold. Wraith of Khorne with its +2 to unbind is great for magic defense. I havnt used Skarbrand but you can imagine how devastating he can be when used correctly. 

Thats probably enough to get the creative juices flowing for you! Happy skull collecting!

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I cannot thank you enough Agent of Chaos for this amazing response. There's a lot more to consider than I had previously thought.

I've looked into the demon side of the army more and am now heavily considering purchasing some units later down the line. 

For now ill purchase a box of blood warriors and wrathmonger/skullreapers

Ive put together a khorne list that looks like a fun time. I would love to know what you think. 


Allegiance: Khorne


Bloodsecrator (120)

- Artefact: Thronebreaker's Torc 

- Banner of Khorne (Artefact): Banner of Wrath

Bloodstoker (80)

Mighty Lord of Khorne (140)

- General

- Trait: Hew the Foe 

Slaughterpriest (100)

- Blood Blessing: Blood Sacrifice

Slaughterpriest (100)

- Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh


10 x Blood Warriors (200)

- Goreaxe & Gorefist

5 x Blood Warriors (100)

- Goreaxe & Gorefist

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Meatripper Axes

10 x Bloodreavers (70)

- Reaver Blades


1 x Chaos Warshrine (160)

- Blood Blessing: Resanguination

5 x Wrathmongers (140)

5 x Chaos Knights (160)

- Chaos Glaives

5 x Chaos Knights (160)

- Chaos Glaives

5 x Skullreapers (180)

- Goreslick Blades


Gore Pilgrims (140)

Endless Spells / Terrain

Hexgorger Skulls (40)

Total: 1960 / 2000

Extra Command Points: 1

Wounds: 150


Gore pilgrims will boost my secrators banner by 8” which will help me keep him away from combate. Ive also given him the artifact: thronebreakers torc, allowing him to ignore enemy rend. This coupled with the wrath banner (on a 4+ melee enemies take d3 MW) will make him even more survivable.


I read about a strategy involving a slaughter priest casting blood sacrifice on a warshrine for a blood tith point. The warshrine can then cast resanguination (heal d3 wounds) to try and heal some of those wounds back. If both are near my skull alter they can reroll failed castings. Im not sure  


Ive included multiple small units of warriors and reavers to act as roadblocks and sources of blood tithe points.


 I havent decided which unit I want to pair my wrath mongers with. Blood warriors will probably see more milage especially with the ability to attack after dying. On the other hand skull reapers are very potent by themselves and when paired with mongers could be devastating. I'm just worried that this will make them a huge target for my opponent. 


Chaos knights will be useful for grabbing objectives and field control. 


Between the three priests, the skull altar and the hexgorger skulls, there is also a strong anti magic presence to this army ( as all khorne armies should be). 


I will admit its a bit of a soup list with no strong direction, but i feel that there is enough here for a solid foundation. Later on Im planning on splitting the wrath and rapture box set with a friend so i can claim the khorne half. Once ive done this i can focus on gaining blood tithe points so I can summon demons for support. 


I'd love any and all feedback on this list, and I also hope it was helpful to anyone looking for ideas for their own lists. 


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You are most welcome mate! Always happy to help out a new player.

I think you've put together a nice looking list. I'm not going to tell you to make changes because it has to be your list at the end of the day. Play it and see what works and what doesn't and make subtle changes from there if needed.  Some thoughts on it would be;

  • Good mix of heroes. Personally not a fan of the mighty lord of khorne as I dont rate his command ability however if his axe goes off on a big target you're laughing. Some players love him and I'm interested to hear what you think of him;
  • With throne breakers torc you dont have to be too scared about getting the bloodsecrator near combat, especially given you want him at least within 8" for the banner. Keeping a priest within 8" of the altar and the the bloodsecrator within 8" of the priest can be tricky to pull off at times but is very doable. All depends on whether your opponent is coming to you or you are playing aggressively towards them;
  • The blood sacrifice strategy is sound. Dont forget the Shrine's ward save works on itself so you have a chance of blocking those mortal wounds in the first place!;
  • With the Wrathmongers, I sometimes put together what I call the land tank where you have a screen of reavers or warriors, followed by Skull reapers, followed by the wrathmongers. The 8" range is enough to capture both units in front, if the front unit is warriors they attack on death, then the skull reapers pile in and the next turn the wrathmongers charge in to mop up. I will often sit a hero or 2 in the middle of this formation, such as an Aspiring Deathbringer for more attacks, the bloodstoker and/or the bloodsecrator.  That formation can take a charge from just about anything and wipe it out in return;
  • Dont forget your slaughterhost abilities. Not many people expect a unit of 10 blood warriors in their face first turn. Rerolling wounds of 1 when near objectives is also pretty huge.

OK I will make one suggestion for you to consider; instead of the second unit of 5 x blood warriors you could run them as 5 regular chaos warriors with the mark of Khorne. Reason being that unit only costs 90 points instead of 100 which means you have 50 remaining and can afford to buy a command point. It would mean an extra drop but I doubt that would matter with this list and Khorne is now a fairly command point hungry list with the new slaughter hosts and bloodsecrator no longer granting battleshock immunity.  

Good luck!

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