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What’s your favourite reveal?


What’s your favourite reveal?  

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  1. 1. What’s your favourite reveal?

    • Terrain set Warcry
    • Cities of sigmar
    • Orruk warclans
    • Ogor tyrant
    • Gotrek comparison photo
    • Beastgrave trailer
    • The tithe trailer

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Yeah what reveals?


2 teasers and a confirmation of 2 books with no info to go along with it. 


Oh and a really cool ogor.


So I guess the ogor since it's the only reveal. I said it once before on reddit and I'll say it here. I hate when they hype up a day or event "MARK YOUR CALENDARS! YOU WONT WANNA MISS THIS!" and after weeks of patiently waiting we get *drum-roll please* "Some stuff is coming in the future!"


... yeah, we know. You told us we'd find out about it today but the entire announcement is "things are coming"... guess I'll go back to marking my calendar than? 


This one was even worse because we've got confirmation that SOME kits are going away. Vague and useless. Maybe I dont understand business but is this supposed to drive sales as people panic buy anything that might go away? Because for me at least it does the opposite. Puts any purchase ideas I had on freeze until I know WHAT is going away because that's very important information to the future of my investment in the hobby.

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It’s up to everybody to define reveal in this context. But for me they revealed the new books, the new ogor model and the name and theme of the new season of underworlds. (Not to mention they revealed warbands escaped shadespire in the narrative. Which allows katopranes with their constructs into the world narrative speaking). 

The comparison photo is there to be complete. And the tithe trailer all but revealed soulblight. The might as well hired bram stoker himself for that accent. 

That being said. I do get your point. I’m was eying either some brutes or a lot of freeguild and now I know both are getting a book I’m holding off on that.... okay, maybe the brutes for Warcry. Just to paint some orcs for the first time in my life. 

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I was all prepared to come here to say free cities is fantastic news... But then mention vague discontinuations with no indication as to what... TBH, at least they're warning in advance unlike their other disgusting faction rug-pulls, but in general it would be so much better if they sold new casts of these old models instead of just cutting everything.

Also RIP Slaves.

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Cities of Sigmar, easily. It's conformation the older armies are not totally forgotten.

Next would be Ghur themed Underworld, perhaps even without Stormcast in the core set.

Then Warcry, though my girlfriend is more exited about that than I am.

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Deathrattle. Yeah, I think it's safe to say that. I think that Sepulchar Guard is the best designed Shadespire army and if whole Deathrattle army would look like that then I take it. Secondly it should be pretty fast to paint with contrast. 

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I love love the Tyrant, I've got my 90% painted Ogre army ready to go, was honestly just waiting for plastic hero kits because I don't like the finecast Tyrant/Butcher ect.

I also like the Free Cities book, after my initial disappointment because ultimately it's a book basically anyone who plays Order can find a use for, and it gives like 90 models some kind of army support for the first time in one swoop.

I voted for the Underworlds teaser though, because new Centaur Aelves was something I was not even slightly suspecting, and I've coincidentally been quietly pulling together some Wanderers over the last few months to slake my Aelf thirst, so that just bowled me over altogether.

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Ohhh, im torn on this one! 

On one hand, im really excited for the Free Cities battle tome as an artillery heavy free people force was my first Age of Sigmar army (back in the dark days before the first Generals Handbook). Having a mixed army based around a shared theme was my dream project for a long time and I hope to finally get to it. 

On the other hand, the Tithe trailer has my imagination running wild. Id really like to see a independent death rattle force, so we can finally have a civilization building death faction (ghosts, zombies or ghouls dont build anything, but skeletons have entire kingdoms in shyish). 

But in the end I voted for Beastgrave. Exploring another realm is fantastic and the possibility of re-imagined wanderers with satyr legged aelfs or centaur like creatures (similar to what DoK got) is just too great. 

All in all im pretty happy with todays previews! 

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On the topic of the hobby being about the models, this is why Cities of Sigmar is my favorite reveal:

Many of my friends who have armies with beautifully painted or converted older models which they love now have some assurance they can continue using their stuff.

Good on GW for both preserving relevance of past things and pushing out new things. It's a delicate balancing act and I appreciate they are trying to make it all work.

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Well I guess you could say I fell in love with the critics of Sigmar and the Orruks warclan tome announcements.

in total I really like the idea of combining the forces together, since it’ll be giving you a interesting play-style for every kind of player.

There have been so many people arguing about the point that Ironjaws should be their own thing and should stay that way, other arguing that this is exactly wrong, and with the new tome basically everybody can choose to go either full out on one or take both in one.

now what really interest me more and probably also is the reason for fear of the announcement and reviews, will be the free cities allegiance.

many people including myself, were hoping for a well dwarf/ human standalone tome, and with the not yet known allegiance abilities and how they’ll be working, fear is that people who are interested in playing a certain direction like only highborn or beard-things will either not get a standalone allegiance ability, or get any benefits being played at their own, or just will get a exact replicate of the not so great allegiance ability from the ghb19 

As for competitive sake, I’m guessing it’ll be similar to the skaven where a mixed force of man, Aelves and beard-things will probably be the better option then them standing alone, although it always depends on what way the allegiance abilities or better said each factions can be played on their own, and since we can only make up how this rules will or are written, truth may be told that we actually don’t know  of how it will actually be written.

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