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1000 points hedonites of slaanesh starter


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Dear all,

I am starting a PURE daemons hedonites of slaanesh army and I would appreciate your advice.

I have a Keeper of secrets and a Shalaxi and 1 starter set and 1 rapture and wrath.

At 1000 points and with what I own is bellow list a good list? Which is the most suitable HOST in this case? Do I have to include more heroes? Feel free to advice me changes and/or new units.

1 * Bladebringer, herald on hellflayer.

1 * Infernal enrapturess

10 * Daemonets

10 * Daemonets

3 * Fiends

10 * Seekers

TOTAL = 990 points

Which is your advice to expand to 2000 points and include keeper ans Shalaxi?

Thanks a lot.

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Honestly, I'd do the following:

Drop the Fiends (210). Drop the Seekers (240).  You now have 450 (+10) points to work with.

Add in a Keeper of Secrets (360), giving you 100 left. Get some Hellstriders and put those in, combining your Daemonettes into blob of 20. While they're unlikely to retain their "20 model" bonus for long (if at all), this actually lets them get access to it, and in 1000 points there's a high likelihood of them being able to get in on the alpha strike and get the first hit off to benefit from this, at least once. Alternatively, if you want to retain your "Pure Daemon" ideal and forego the Hellstriders, use that 100 points to grab an Endless Spell or two. Chronomantic Cogs boosts your Alpha Strike potential, and makes your summoning way more terrifying.

Generally in low point games you want to be playing Pretenders, giving your Keeper of Secrets the following traits: Strength of Godhood and either Strongest Alone or Inspirer, depending on the role you want your Keeper to have.

Moving to 2000 points, you might want to pick up the following:

  1. 1-2 Bladebringer(s), Herald on Exalted Chariot (You can actually magnetise this to be any of the 3 chariot types, but it's annoying). Thing is, this is the probably the best (in terms of damage per points) model in the entire Slaanesh army. I can present the math, but... 
  2. A Fane of Slaanesh, if you don't have one yet.
  3. At least one Contorted Epitome, because they're one of the most cost effective tools in the Slaaneshi arsenal.
  4. Another Infernal Enrapturess, because if you're summoning something in on turn 5 (and your in-list IE is still alive) you might as well summon something that you can guarantee some value out of.

Things I think are nice but might not fit you or your playstyle:

  1. 10-15 Hellstriders for flexibility in list creation.
  2. Syll'Esske, if you want to play Invaders
  3. The Masque, for an annoying piece of ****** that makes your opponent annoyed as all hell.
  4. A couple of extra Seeker Chariots
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Thanks a lot for your detailed advice. It is of great help.

In the case of the 2.000 points list, if I want to play with both, the keeper and shalaxi, which is the most suitable host?

if I donot want to use Hellstrider, I am forced to use godseeker host to make chariots battlelines?


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