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Ironjawz the road to 2000pts. Custom sculpts and 3D printing.


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Hi all

I got into AoS just before Christmas, agonizing over whether to get the IJ start collecting box or wait a week for gloomspite gitz to be released. Old, out of date limited army or shiny new beautiful gobbos with all the modern features, if I could just be patient...?

So here is my Ironjawz army. I've always had a thing for orks but the thought of painting so many models put me off, so having an elite ork army was brilliant! With the new ghb abilities I love playing them, the army is limited but that just makes it easier for me to work out how to use it.

The colour scheme was chosen based on my love of vallejo magic blue, a paint that covers anything. I like paints that make my life easy and are nice and bright, and it seems to be the only way I can paint. My painting style (read: ability) tends to be quite graphic and cartoony, and I am trying not to get too hung up on details on an army for gaming rather than display.

I've been trying to relearn Zbrush recently using the army as motivation and inspiration, and am planning to custom sculpt and 3d print some figures. So far I've got a fungoid shaman I do like and a megaboss that is pretty awful, but it's early days! 


Ardboyz, my plan was to have them stand out from the brutes by having soft highlighting on the armour where the brutes have sharper highlights on their beaten plates.


The brutes were the first unit I painted and set the scheme. I love these boyz, my highlight was one unit of 5 killing 2 slaughterpriests and a bloodsecrator in one hit, while the second unit of 5 killed 3 khorgoraths in the same turn. I love smashing and bashing! 


Weirdnob shaman, built and painted the night before a tournament.


Maw krusha inspired by my 2 tabby cats, and the one model I did want to put some love and effort in to. I love this big brute barrelling around smashing into things!


My custom fungoids wip, they're currently painted to battle-ready standard waiting for a second pass to do them properly.


The army ex-shaman and krusha. 1 unit of ardboyz, brutes, the gruntas and the shamans are just base coated and washed to be ready for a tournament until I get on to the highlighting proper.


The army at the tourney, getting ready to smash some dirty rats.


Ovjectives and vp dial I made, I've also done some orky combat gauges and range rulers, and am working on a dice tray.

Next plan for the army is a second maw krusha (I have two cats, so need two krushas right?) and some more ardboyz, then wait and see if we get any new units added to the army. I also have some bonsplitterz allies to consider.

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8 hours ago, Warmill said:

Maw krusha inspired by my 2 tabby cats, and the one model I did want to put some love and effort in to. I love this big brute barrelling around smashing into things!

Man that’s so so so cool. Honestly I showed the pic to my girlfriend and she had to scroll back two or three times to believe how amazingly well you matched the cat. Truly inspiring. 

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  • Warmill changed the title to Ironjawz the road to 2000pts. Custom sculpts and 3D printing.

I went to the Southwest Wargamers' Arcane Alliance doubles tournament in earlier this month, and as we only had 1000 points to play with I figured I needed ot give a footboss a try. I sculpted up my custom boss over a couple of evenings and printed it out ready for the event, still a lot of learning to do but overall I was pretty happy with this guy. I had to split it up a bit awkwardly to fit on my printer so due to the lack of time I just painted the split lines up as armour panels :D.

boss 01.png

boss done 01.png

boss done 03.png



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51 minutes ago, Ryan Taylor said:

This is great! What did you use to print out and get so much detail?

I used a Rapidshape dlp printer as we've had one for a few years at work but for most home users any of the sub-£500 lcd resin printers will be close enough. The anycubic photon is the one I've seen personal results from.

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2 hours ago, Ryan Taylor said:

Sweet I too am trying out zbrush (core) to do soem sculpting. Not sure I am up to this standard though!

It's a lot of fun, I'm really enjoying learning it properly! I've just sculpted up a weirdnob shaman, the print is done and assembled now I just have to paint him.

shaman 02.png

shaman 01 (1).png

shaman 04.png

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On 9/28/2019 at 2:11 PM, Warmill said:

Guess I'll have to resculpt the foot to be something else now, since foot of gork no longer exists! Fffffuuuu....

Don’t let something basic as rules ruin that brilliant sculpt. The foot materialising from the smoke is brilliant! 

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I've been really loving the new Orruk Warclans book, so much so the tzeentch I bought just before it dropped are going to be languishing in the drawer for a while yet!


We have a meeting engagement tourney at our flgs this Saturday, it motivated me to finish a unit of goregruntas who have been in base colours for months. These guys really benefitted from the new book, they're beasts now! I have 3 with spears to do who are still in their grey birthday suits, it's going to be a busy Friday night!




Since Warchanters also got a major update in the new tome, and are way more useful now, I had to sculpt myself a custom one. I've got 2 of them on the printer so looking forward to seeing the results tomorrow, not 100% sure about those guitar strings! 🤣🤣🙈




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On 10/23/2019 at 7:12 AM, schwabbele said:

Wow, your sculpts are awesome 👍 and here I am not even able to make a snake out of greenstuff 😂

Thanks, I really appreciate it!


I took part in the Spear the Rear meeting engagement tournament and came last with a 0-4 record, not the boyz' finest moment! I think I would have done better if I'd managed to get my next 3 goregruntas painted so I'd been able to run the list I'd actually practiced with,  at least my footboss did a bit of duffing and actually managed to survive all 4 games, 3 of which were against ****ing nighthaunt :(.



With the new battletome I want to try some bonesplitterz and big waaagh, so I need a wurrgog prophet! I'll be printing him out in the next few days, I've printed 2 more of my warchanters after a bit of rescaling to make them better match the existing models, which I need to paint when I've got a quiet moment . 




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2 hours ago, Arcian said:

Is.... is that a JOJO reference?! Amazing. I love it!

I just wanted to have a gangsta prophet giving it the finger guns, I've not seen Jojo but I'll take it! ;)

Here's a pic of my warchanters and shaman prints up against a regular Warchanter. Sadly work means I won't be able to paint them for a couple of weeks, but I hope to take at least one of them to Vanguard in Swindon on the 16th.


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5 hours ago, fez_the_druid said:

I love all of your sculpts. I especially love the Weirdnob Shaman. I've been loving my Gore-gruntas more and more after having a particularly rocky start with them...

Thanks, I really appreciate it. I tried the wurrgog for the first time in a couple of matches against a std army with 2 40 blobs of marauders, he absolutely nuked them so I really need to get mine painted up now!

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Been a while since I posted what with the whole coronavirus thing. I've kept collecting orruks and now have way over 2k, some savage orruks have found their way in and are my favourite boyz now, the 3+6++ blob of 30 spears is an absolute essential in a big waaagh list in my opinion.


I did a couple more custom sculpts for my army in between commissions, a wardokk and my new fave, a rogue idol. I've not run the idol yet so I'm really looking forward to doing some smashing with it...



I also did up a banner boss for a list I was planning to test for a tournament list but sadly ghb2020 has nixed that.



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On 8/31/2020 at 7:59 PM, JackStreicher said:

what printer do you use?

A combination of elegoo mars and a rapidshape whprofessional fessional printer (to be honest there's not a lot in it).

On 8/31/2020 at 8:12 PM, Tittliewinks22 said:

These are some awesome work!  Do you happen to sell these sculpts at all?  I would love those shaman sculpts as weirdboyz in 40k, and that warboss with banner as well!

Thanks, I have a gumroad page, you can go to www.warmill.co.uk and there's a few items on there to either buy stls via gumroad or I'll be adding pre printed items as I go. I need to put some of them on there yet.

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Just a question: How apparent is the 3d print's texture? Is it smooth kinda like GW plastic? I think this is terribly interesting (I'm not very good at modeling myself but wait for an excuse to learn it properly... or just pay someone ludicrous amounts for a couple of head replacements, would be worth it), sorry for annoying you with questions! Oh and very cool models. 👍

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