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Legends Points cost


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I know GW don't intend to do points for their legends tomes. 

I want to play with points, even if they are a bit rough (can't be worse than GW version of balance right?).

Has anyone else done this - made points values for the legends tomes? If not the best guide, I guess, is the original general's handbook. Did anyone encounter any big issues when using this?


*Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere

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GW could do worse than pointing it themselves.

There's a finite number of armies, so the meta won't change with new releases. Essentially, once they are happy with the points, they can remain basically stable.

Whenever Legends is mentioned by the team on Facebook, around 90% of the comments are about the lack of points - even from more casual players (i.e. wanting the ease of organising a game via the universal language of points, rather than wanting to min-max the points).

IMHO unpointed Legends is DOA, and I have never played a tournament in my life.

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The troops and unnamed heroes could be used with the points from their original compendiums in the first general's handbook.

The named characters are more tricky as most of them had many changes to their warscrolls and would be different to cost than their original compendium versions.

Still hope that we eventually get some points for them, be it a fan made project or GW .

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12 hours ago, Bassie said:

Do you know where I could find them?

They all stopped updating their work when GW released their own point system, so they are going to be out of date.  Off top of my head the one that everyone talked about was:

Azyr Comp

There were a couple of others as well but I don't remember their names.

The problem with doing fan point systems is that it is a lot of work for something very few, if anyone, will take seriously so long as there is an official point structure that people will use.

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